Reflection: Part One (ASOS Dress & Lascivious Harness)

I am, Blog Reader, taking another little writing break this weekend as I head to Charleston for an adventure.  I’ll be back next week with my usual posting of lingerie and outfit posts but right now a little reflective pause is in order.  I’ll have some news on the blog soon about the future of StyleOnTheCouch and some little changes here and there.  My blog is coming up to three years old… what began as a weekend passion has grown into something that has first and foremost given me amazing connections all over the world but secondly allowed me to develop not just my personal style but different aspects of myself in the process.

I think there are some very interesting parallels that can be drawn between style development and psychological development.  These photos were taken by the amazing team of Amber McConnell and Julian Humphries of Red Rogue Studios in Austin, Texas last month and I absolutely love the outfit I am wearing and how I appear in them. I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin than ever before.  I’ve done a lot of growing up with you and the blog – taken on different professional challenges in psychology and fashion; I’ve moved countries, made new friends and connections, met some truly amazing people and lost some along the way… even with the challenges I hope I am evolving into the sort of woman I want to be.  My style too – quite basic at times, classic perhaps, elegant  maybe – I have fun with what I wear too which I love and I take risks for the first time ever, knowing that I’m going to be ok.

This fashion blogging business – it’s not just about the clothes, Blog Reader.  Let’s see if we can’t get another year of evolution in hey?

See you next week! Travel pics will be on my tumblr as always…..

Wearing: ASOS Midi Tank Dress; Aiko waistcoat from Lascivious; Mango Fetish Sandals.

Ps I’m behind on my own blog reading because of my travels – but to all my regular favourites and new finds, I’ll be back very soon I promise x



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    Lovely as ever Sarah. That dress is quite beautiful on you: it fits your body type to a T! And those shoes … to die for! Glad to be witness to your ongoing evolution … :) Have a great time and be well!

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    Love what you wrote here, Sarah!

    I think taking risks is one of the best ways to grow, style wise and other wise. If it’s a bad risk, you “fall down” and hopefully you won’t make the mistake again. But if it’s a good one, you would have never known what you were missing if were totally averse to taking the risk! Trial and error is the way we learn, no? Even some of the most fashionable (and emotionally wisest) people have made their mistakes. They are as stylish (or wise) as they are because of the risks they took.


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      That thing about taking risks and growing from the experience is very important. Trial and error is part of life. Style mistakes included (we just don’t show the pictures often ha!) x

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    Taking risks is the only way we evolve. Sometimes it pays off in a big way; sometimes things may not go as planned but we still learn something. The harness adds a dangerous edge to the outfit! I like :)

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    I know exactly what you mean. Blogging does make people change. I know I changed and I started posting pictures of myself regularly only a few months ago – before it was magazine spread this and magazine spread that. I manned up, honestly.

    I am looking forward to the news that you will share about Styleonthecouch. I am definitely a fan. I love it because you keep on pushing yourself and you have reached blogging perfection, in my virew.

    Coming back to the clothes – love the waist coat.

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      Edita I’m very happy to have found your blog this year. I’m really enjoying your style posts (I loved the Sporty Spice one!) and I think you can see your own evolution through the blog as well. You did indeed man up lol and we’re all benefitting from it x

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    I love love love this look! It really accentuates your waistline and truly makes you curvy! It’s amazing how such a simple piece can add so much pop to a gorgeous, classic dress. Have fun in Charleston :)

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      I wonder if I go through some style ‘phases’ you know – I posted prints for a while, then black body con styles. I think I get a little inspired and run with it lol! x

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    Have a wonderful trip to Charleston, Sarah! I know I say this over and over, but your adventures always leave me envious. At least I know that soon enough I’ll be writing posts like this myself :) I wasn’t around for beginning of StyleOnTheCouch, but I can certainly agree that blogging facilitates personal growth – and not just personal style growth, either. You are certainly a woman I admire very much, for your intellect, your self-possession, your perfect curls and most of all, your prowess in the underwear-as-outerwear department ;)

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      Cee I think the next year is going to be a big one for both of us. I’m very excited to see how we continue to evolve. Thanks for your lovely comments as always, my curls also thank you :-)

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    I have most certainly seen your style evolution over the last couple of years. Looking fabulous as always! I hope you are enjoying Charleston. I think it’s one of the most charming towns. The architecture is truly awe inspiring, the people oh so friendly, and I’ve had some of my favorite meals ever there at FIG and Hominy Grill. Enjoy!

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      Hi Lissy – sadly we never made it to FIG but I had a fabulous meal at MacIntosh and great cheese and wine at BIN 152. I just wrote a post on Hampden Clothing, I have a feeling you will LOVE this place (have you been already?) x

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    This outfit is simply amazing – and you also look simply amazing!!

    One of my favourite things about blogging is the documenting of a person evolution. And being able to witness and appreciate others evolution also.

    Enjoy your time away lovely xx

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    How did I miss this post?! Great reflections! And a gorgeous shoot.

    My blog started as a hobby as well. 3 years later I’m truly amazed at the opportunities it has afforded me, professionally and personally. I love your style so keep rocking it!


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