New York, I Love You (& Further Adventures…)

I’m packing up my East Village apartment this week, Blog Reader.  There is a lot of travel ahead – First things first, I’m starting with a trip back home to London (bit of a last minute thing, I know, I know).  I’m excited about returning back home again for a break.  I hope you stay with me for these adventures in London and beyond.

I’m not one for huge long goodbyes. I tend to subscribe to the wisdom of Carrie Bradshaw:

“After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart… and if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.”

I am very fortunate to have met so many amazing people here in NYC.  You all know who you are, and you made me feel very welcome.  Thank you – I will miss you!*

I have also truly loved living in the East Village, Manhattan.  Though we are perhaps not as trendy as our West Village counterpart there are a heap of amazingly cool bars, places to eat and boutiques to shop in.

Right now, Blog Reader, it’s all about #TeamGB.  There is a lot of inspiration from my homeland for this current blog post**, seen in my cute Forever21 Union Jack tee in grey, gold and black.  Yet worn with my skinny jeans from Artistic Fabric Mills and chunky All Access heels from Nine West, there is a little America here too.

I previously wrote some reflections about blogging and personal development, but I also think a lot of changes that I have encountered these past eighteen months have happened because of moving to a different country and experiencing a different culture.  I’ll leave more of these learnings for another time, but mostly America is an amazing place with a great attitude of how to live with hope and possibilities.  I’m a huge fan of that way of living.

I’m heading to Top Of The Rock tonight to take in all of Manhattan.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Blog Reader!!

Wearing: Forever 21 tee, All Access heels from Nine West, Jeans from Artistic Fabric Mills (sample).
Photos by the AMAZING Lydia Hudgens.

*Not really a goodbye, I hate goodbyes and I will be back for a New York visit in September.

**The hair is undeniably NYC. When you come to Manhattan, you get sleek, not frizzy. England you’d better have good weather in store for me!



  1. rosalovesdc says

    Sarah, I wish you the best on your next set of adventures. I honestly have enjoyed reading your posts from NYC but I know that you will be as fabulous as ever anywhere you go. I love your style and your lingerie posts on Fridays are always such a wonderful read. I know NYC will miss you. We wish you the best in London, XO. Rosa and Lola

  2. says

    You look so so good at the moment Sarah! U can see your adventures have been good for you, body & soul ! Really hope the uk isn’t too hard on your hair ;) are you staying? Xxx

  3. creativecloudfix says

    My hair goes frizzy in different parts of England…mostly because of the water in south England! The best water for my hair is in the midlands! Sleek and shiny!

  4. says

    Gosh its been 18 months already??, I remember when you were talking about leaving London and I was talking about moving to London….time flies when you are having fun. Welcome back to team GB can`t wait to see what you have in store from your closet.

    PS: Manchester now has a F21 at the Trafford Center, planning on a full day of “window shopping” soon.

  5. says

    are you coming back to Blighty for good? Best of luck! The high street is on fire right now and there’s such a vibe with the jubilee then the olympics. you’ll love it too! you just need a little place near Marylebone High St…

  6. says

    Good luck on your new adventure, Sarah! I’m sure it must be hard to leave NYC behind – it is, after all, a city of almost endless possibilities and no amount of time could ever be enough. But I’m excited to read on and see where life will take you next. And also to figure out how it is that you are the only person on earth who can manage to make a bare midriff look classy. Please, do share your secret :) Safe travels!

  7. says

    Gorgeous, stylish, inspirational Sarah! I’m so glad I met you. Will you promise to keep in touch?You’ve made a big impression on me. You know how to live it up–in such a short period of time you really experienced so much of New York!
    And I will be reading along to see more of your adventures.

  8. says

    Dear Sarah, I wish you all the best for your new adventures! Living in NYC, even for a short period of time, has always been one of my dreams and I’m really happy you had such a great experience there. I don’t like goodbyes either and I tend to use ‘au revoir’ because you never know what life might bring to us…I’m sure that moving back to London will be very exciting as well and, given the fact that we will also be geographically closer, we could have a chance to meet up!

  9. says

    Wishing you more wonderful adventures ahead Sarah + stay in touch! I love your pretty, casual look here! And it’s not goodbye right, but see you later ;) ;) Xoxo, K

  10. dempeaux says

    Wow, you moved back?? That’s amazing! I’ll bet you loved your time in the US though – love that place :) Hope the move went well!!

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