Classic Black Dress (Alice Yim NY), Classic Styles…

It is without a doubt, Blog Reader, that my favourite fashion days involve little make-up, a black dress and some gorgeous shoes.  I’ve worn this Raina Dress by Alice Yim practically non-stop since I got it.  I love the neckline and the side slits in the skirt that flow beautifully in the Manhattan breeze when I walk.  Created in silk Georgette and Charmeuse (I’m obsessed with the quality of the fabrics I wear these days) Raina is one of those dresses that makes a perfect day to night transition – it can be worn without the belt for a relaxed day time look or cinched in at the waist for a sharper evening silhouette.

Images: Lydia Hudgens Photography.

Every time I wear these Zara sandals I get compliments.  I think they were a fantastic purchase this year and I’m happy to see that Zara has updated the style for fall here. If that isn’t a great party shoe I don’t know what is, Blog Reader!

The belt in this look is from a European brand I miss in the US very much.  COS offer modern and timeless styles and they are a favourite of mine for basics like white shirts and classic shift dresses.  COS have some fabulous structured silhouettes, so if you’re in the market for some seriously fashionable styles be sure to check out their website.  You can shop online too, obviously great for me in the US.

Wearing: Raina dress in onyx, Alice Yim.  Sandals, Zara.  Belt, COS.  Bag, ASOS.

There are still lots of exciting things coming up on the blog over the next few weeks, Blog Reader.  My Nine West x Pose style challenge draws to a close – thank you to everyone who has been voting!  You can find the penultimate style here, which, if you ‘love’ you will be entered into a competition to win shoes. I have (short) shorts, a beautiful purple gown from BCBG Max Azria and some gorgeous accessories coming up.  Anything else you want to see? Be sure to email me using the ‘Ask Me Anything’ mail top right of the blog.  Until next time…..  StyleOnTheCouch, xo



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      Thank you Cristie! I was just telling someone else below that I think it’s one of my favourites, probably because it feels so ‘typical’ of me. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment! x

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    Those ZARA shoes just amaze me…they look like Jimmy Choo’s or something of that caliber…you really scored! Loving you in this classic black dress- completely “your” style and you wear it SO well. Happy week to you Sarah!!! C

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    I was thinking the same thing when i saw the first picture: those zara shoes were a great buy! They are slimming and sexy and the lines are so fashion forward. This dress is awesome. Its the perfect little black dress… The slit really makes it b/c it might be a tad too long otherwise (maybe not on you since your so tall and slender…) I can think of a ton of dif belts i’d wear with it… I went to their website, but it appears to be sold out? Hard to say, b/c when you hit “shop” it doesnt appear…

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      Hi Taylor, apologies for my late reply because of moving apartments. The dress says sold out? Hmm if you are still interested I can get in touch with Alice for you. Let me know x

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        Wow, that’s really nice of you. Thanks! My “little black dress” is on its last leg, so I’m looking to replace it, but I need a shorter one than this, so this one will have to wait! Its hard to find that perfect LBD…

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    This is such a classic Sarah ensemble that there is no way I could not love it :) I’ve been thinking more and more about high quality fashion lately (as opposed to the usual high street variety I’ve been wearing for so long) and I must admit, I find a lot of inspiration on your blog for designers I’m not familiar with and beautiful tailoring. Although, what I think I love even more is how effortlessly you mix higher end pieces with high street ones; I’m so impressed by the amount of wear you’ve gotten from these Zara shoes, and how they seem to work with absolutely everything! I must just have to investigate a fall pair myself ;)

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    I am currently obsessed with midi dresses and this is perfect!! Very classy and versertile look that you can wear to work and straight to a dinner party. FAB!!!

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      Thank you Josephina! It looks great without it but because I like to have a few curves / emphasize the waist I’m a fan of the belt. I think belts are going to be big for aw12, but statement pieces that stand out rather than this perhaps (more merging with the outfit).

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    You know, it’s sometimes difficult for me to comment on your blog as it often leaves me speechless – the perfect style, feminine touch, beautifully photographed. I at times feel that I am repeating myself and I don’t want to bore you with my monotonous comments!

    On this occasion I’d like to say that the dress looks very easy-breezy on you, despite the added sculpting with the Cos belt. Beautiful.

    Plus, I had no idea Cos was not available on the other side of the pond!

    And lastly, I am very much looking forward to seeing you rock the BCBG dress – you got me intrigued ever since my yellow maxi post!


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      Hi Edita – I’m so late replying to this comment I’m sorry, but I don’t find your comments monotonous at all! In fact the more I visit your blog and vice versa I am enjoying the conversations we have going about style. I’ll keep you posted on the BCBG dress for sure, it’s a lovely standout colour for me and my (pale) skin!

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    Do you ever have an off day when you don’t look flawless?

    I know the point of this blog is more the clothes, but darling you are stealing the show.

    Love this dress on you and the reason you get compliments is because those Zara sandals are beautiful!


  7. lorienme says

    Not sure if my comment went through as Gravatar seems to hate me… I just wanted to say do you ever have an off day? Looking perfect as ever. I know this blog is meant to focus on the clothes, but it only shows how flawless you are ;-).

    Love the dress and the reason you get so many compliments on the Zara sandals is because they are beautiful! x

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    Those heels look really great on slender legs like yours and I can see why you’re more obsessed with the quality of the fabrics such as the way the material moves with your body…that dress looks amazing on you!

  9. astask says

    Reblogged this on Status Anxiety and commented:
    I’ve been looking for the perfect black summer dress all summer. I am a tall girl (5’11″) and it’s difficult to find one with the perfect balance. I LOVE this dress.


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