Style Inspiration: Drew Harrington

Back home in the UK this past weekend, London Collections: Men showcased emerging talent in menswear.  A fabulous initiative by the British Fashion Council to extend and develop the work of menswear designers in the UK outside of the traditional fashion calendar, it got me thinking about the style inspirations I have who are men.

My Style Inspiration Series therefore continues with a male ‘subject’ today.  Let me introduce you, Blog Reader, to Drew Harrington, the gentleman behind the creative consultancy Harrington Group.

For someone who deals in style, I am not surprised that what Drew presents to the world is a charming mix of his developing sense of self and his unique take on life.  I interviewed Drew for StyleOnTheCouch about his individual style, passions, interests and thoughts on menswear below.  Blog Reader, please give a warm welcome to Mr Harrington, the first male in my Style Inspiration series.

Photos of Drew by Dylan M Howell – you can view more images of Drew’s shoot with Dylan here.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’m not sure how to describe my style. I’m attracted to really stripped down silhouettes and color palettes. I find clothing interesting when it’s effortless and there is some sort of rogue aspect that doesn’t quuiiite belong but makes the ensemble cohesive.
How do you get dressed? 
By candlelight.
Tell me about Harrington Group…
Harrington Group is a creative consulting operation in its infancy really. As it stands I am not sure how it will take shape and what will come our way. I have simply built a vessel and am allowing my personal interests and passions seek shelter in it. From here I suppose the size of swells in the sea will determine how we sail. I rather enjoy the metaphorical sea.
Where do you think your interest in design, aesthetics and fashion comes from?
I have no other way of explaining it other than the interest itself being an inherent trait. I have always been largely affected by my environment and the intangible qualities that things possess. I like to let things charm me.
Who or what inspires you?
I am terrible when it comes to organizing my ‘inspirations’ with lists. What inspires me is most oft than not ephemeral and part of that elusive nature is what inspires me the most. I’m most attracted to juxtaposition that appears seamless.
Tell me about your current state of mind…
I haven’t the slightest as to what is happening anymore! I know what I want it to be and what I’m working towards yet the truth in this is never revealed until I’ve stepped away and seen myself from a different and newer perspective. For some safety I operate off instincts, for they know me better than my thoughts.
You once said to me that you “wish to reach a place where I am just as moved by beauty and fashion as I am indifferent to it”.  Can you tell me more about this?
This will be a penny dropper moment for me if I reach this state. Part of me hopes I never reach it. There is a certain tension that comes with the ebb and flow effect that aesthetics have on my life. I need that. It’s what keeps the sweet stuff sweet.
You live in Idaho. Is Idaho fashion boring?
You can’t put a donkey on the racetrack and expect it to run like a thoroughbred. Things move at a different speed here. People want different things. One doesn’t have the same access to certain resources here as they would in NYC per se. The amount of exposure to the diversity in culture, lifestyle, opportunities, etc. is astoundingly less frequent as you get somewhere else. This lack of stimuli is tough for me.  Plato’s ‘Allegory of The Cave’ rounds out my feelings nicely about coming back to a place like Idaho after living in LA and NY.
You recently spent a year in New York City and the last time we talked it felt like you had a great yearning for the city. True?
It gets in your blood without a doubt.
Are menswear designers selling an image more than clothes nowadays?
We are seeing a lot of both actually. There will always be an image that is sold, but the amount of talented designers producing quality garments is on the rise.  Its an interesting time to be a consumer because you really have the choice to buy into either an image or clothing for clothing sake, no matter the importance it plays on your life.
Tell me a secret.
I like to tell secrets without the listener realizing they just heard a secret.

You can follow Drew on Twitter, view his Tumblr, stalk him on Instagram (Drew_Harrington) and check out the Harrington Group here.

Thank you Drew, for being part of the series!

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  1. says

    I know that I say this every time you post a new installment of the Style Inspiration series, but you choose the most intriguing people to speak with – I sometimes wonder how I fit in with this group of creative, intellectual and truly inspiring individuals! Modesty aside, I don’t even know where to start on Drew. Not only are the photos you’ve posted stunning examples of the true art of fashion photography, but the style that he shows in them is perfectly put together without being contrived. But what struck me most was the way he expressed himself in answering your questions. I think it is a rare thing to find someone who speaks philosophically in their everyday interactions with people. This interview was a truly great read, thank-you for sharing!

    • says

      Cee – you were one of my original ‘Style Inspirations’ and what I’ve noticed is that it’s not just a style that captures me but a persona, a kind of charisma. If there is one thing that you and Drew share it is this. I’m sure that style is both what we present to the world to appear a certain way as well as a reflection of what lies within. All incredibly fascinating. If I should return to study, I might just pick this as a second thesis! x

    • says


      Thank you endlessly for the kind words. It’s a really great feeling to know that others see the world the way you do. Regarding your comment about wondering where you fit in, I think this is the biggest struggle for a creative mind with ebbing feelings of inadequacy rushed over by the flowing feelings of creative output. The most important thing to do is to show up keep turning rocks. A rolling stone may not gather moss, but it does rid itself of the jagged edges and turn out a most spectacular finish to its surface.

  2. says

    What an inspiring interview. I got 3 main things out of it:
    First – that I am NOT crazy thinking that the “image” is being sold a lot more than the clothing itself when it comes to men’s fashion. Which, to me, means that mean have a choice of buying different brands, in accordance to their wallet sizes, in order to get that “image”. Sadly, this gets a bit complicated when talking about female fashion. You can’t go McQueen on a bugdet, can you (unless it’s your lucky day at a celeb’s garage sale, I suppose?!)

    Second – I should try getting dressed by candlelight. Sounds so romantic. Applying make up might be an issue though.

    Third – I may know many more secrets than I realise!

    Love this interview & the images :) xx

    • says

      Hi Edita, Drew’s answer to the question about ‘image’ vs the clothing was really interesting to me. I often feel there is more of an image being ‘sold’ in menswear, but perhaps it is easier to be critical of another world and not look closely at my own buying habits! Haha to your makeup comment (clearly I should have asked Drew about that. Drew if you are reading this, care to comment??)

      • says


        Yes of course and image is being sold. But you have to remember that in menswear it has always been about an image. The lines with mens clothing do not change, only the details and the cloth used. Continually re-interpreted. Women have more fluidity in what they can wear(Provided of course a great pair of shoes and a svelte figure are involved). I have seen many a man in outrageously expensive garments thrown together and yet I was underwhelmed with their presence and unimpressed with their style. I find the most interesting people to be the most interested. Forget wallet sizes Edita, it’s not about what you do, but HOW you do it.

    • says

      Thank you Sabrina! I’ve been really happy to see the comments around Drew’s post – I think it might be nice to get a little more balance of menswear on here in the future. Alternatively I might try and pester Drew into being my male fashion correspondent!

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