Neutral Fluidity & Powerful Pastels: Reiss SS12 (Erin Dress)

Earlier in the week I introduced you, Blog Reader, to the 2012 fall / winter collection from Reiss.  Back in the present day, the Reiss summer collection is filled with powerful pastels, clothes to take you from poolside to party and occasion-wear from fun to formal as well as more relaxed affairs.

I love this Erin dress from Reiss.  Not for a while has something so light and airy stolen my heart.

It has a beautiful flowing style with lines in all the right places to enhance the female silhouette.  With the addition of a slit each side of the skirt it moves with a wonderful fluidity…

Photos of me by Lydia Hudgens.

A hint of geometry and an art deco feel perhaps give this dress a little retro appeal.  Here I’m wearing the dress with my Raj bracelet from JewelMint. I found it quite difficult to know how to accessorize this dress, so all suggestions are welcome!

To me this is a sweet summer dress.  It also reminds me of my recent trip to Turkey, where the colours were light and sunny and there was adventure in the air.  I felt very happy to spend some time away from Manhattan and have an adventure…. I’m already dreaming of the next one, Blog Reader :-)

Above and below, photos of Kaleici, Antalya, Turkey (no, I didn’t step into Game of Thrones but admittedly some of the ancient city ruins in the surrounding area would have worked well in the series!)

Have a lovely weekend Blog Reader! xo



  1. says

    Lovely dress and bracelet. I think the dress makes quite a statement so you don’t need to add much.. Maybe some lovely dangly earrings. Also the photos of Turkey are great. I always wanted to go and now I want even more!
    Adela x

    • says

      Thanks for the advice Adela! Do you know I don’t have pierced ears? I also kept meaning to do this but I never got round to it. Turkey was so much better than I imagined it would be – I would definitely recommend it x

    • says

      There were quite a few names in Turkey that chimed with Game of Thrones! Maybe the writers took a trip there once? Some of the ancient cities definitely had that appeal… Gold cuff is a nice suggestion. I think I know one that might work. Thanks Kim!

  2. says

    I’m still blown away by the illusion of the length of your hair in that first shot… to see you in the next photo with your full, long hair is so surprising :) Lydia did an incredible job on these photos, highlighting the details of your dress. I love that the colour-scheme is on-trend for spring and yet not in such a way that a neutral loving girl would hesitate to wear it. And it must have looked stunning in Turkey – you would have fit right into the warm, pastel scenery!

    • says

      Cee I had to answer a lot of questions about my hair but it was quite nice to think that when the time comes for a change, I know something that will work for me! (Ps I realised that we had the hair conversation over Twitter, instagram and both our blogs this week the power of social media for sure lol!) x

  3. says

    Hi! Stunning pictures! What a beautiful summer dress I love the patterns and colors! Your hair always looks flawless too! I wish my hair would look like yours. I’d love to visit Turkey someday, I will add it on my places to visit!

    • says

      Hey Adri! I admit that I am more likely to take my blog pictures on good hair days! In my holiday snaps you’ll see what happens when I let it run wild a bit. Which reminds me I must post more Turkey pics. How are your travels?

  4. says

    It’s beautiful! Very Chloe Spring 2012… Personally, I’d keep accessories pretty minimal – a tiny gold bracelet like yours or barely noticeable tiny gold earrings would be more than enough. Basically, take inspiration from Chloe in case you feel stuck at any point. :)

    • says

      Wow LittleRus you are my guru of the fashion week collections. Some beautiful styling in Chloe ss12 – this must have provided a lot of inspiration for the design here. Thank you for this comment, I am off to explore the collection in full. x

    • says

      It really is. I saw it featured in one of my favourite newspapers back in the UK this weekend which made me smile! I’m taking it back to London with me this weds for a wedding. Here’s hoping for no rain *crosses fingers*

  5. CinZilicious says

    You look gorgeous in that pastel dress, and yes, i love the geometric and art deco detailing of the dress !!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

    Turkey looks really beautiful and looks like the weather was all sunny=)


  6. says

    This dress is really, very beautiful. The soft feminine colours allow your beauty to do the talking, breathtaking look!! And that Raj bracelet – to die for!! I have been looking for bracelets in this style (and have even been designing my own)
    Elegant and simply perfect look


  7. says

    This is beautiful! It reminds me of a dress from the 20′s. I think it pretty much speaks for itself, the way you’ve simply added the bracelet (and your amazing hair!) is perfect. Turkey looks so lovely, I’d love to visit one day. xxx

    • says

      Hi Josie – thanks for leaving me a note (believe me, my hair does not always cooperate but when it does, I do adore the curls…) – Turkey was really great, so much more to see and do than I had expected. x

  8. says

    agreeing with most everyone above…with a dress this beautiful, you don’t need much as far as accessories go….I would maybe wear that lovely delicate bracelet again and add a medium sized thin gold hoop to give it some modern appeal….really stunning on you!!!

  9. Natasha says

    I have this dress, cant wait to wear it to my brothers wedding. Was wondering what shoes you wore with it? Struggling to decide and find any I really like

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