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Sara Brancato and Nick Kapros are the team behind the ‘Intertwined’ collections by Mi Asunta – jewelry and body accessories with movement.  The idea behind Intertwined is one of changing shape and fluidity of motion, something that transforms the identity of the wearer in the process.  Mi Asunta was created in 2008, taking its name from Sara’s grandmother Asunta Leone, whose love of costume jewelry and sense of style inspired her grandaughter’s own creativity.  Sara explained to me,  “She worked too hard to use her creative skill the way she wanted.  She never had regrets, but there was something extremely poignant about her aspirations and the inspiration they engendered within me.”

Design team and romantic partners Nick and Sara have collaborated on two collections so far – Intertwined I and II:  “Our designs and relationship revolve around a commitment to beauty and love.  It’s like a kaleidoscope.  The pieces change their shapes, they are playful.  We learn to give each other space and not take each ourselves too seriously.” Sara told me.  She continued,  “Take space away and the kaleidoscope gets jammed.  Just when we think we’ve wrapped our heads around each other there is something new to discover.  So what the designs say about our relationship is that it is still growing, still changing.”

I really enjoy the creativity of movement in this jewelry.  The two piece body armour style I am wearing here can be worn several ways – across the body, as a longer necklace, the centre piece joining the chains can be worn up high or down low…. an intriguing design. What seems to distinguish collection I from II to me is the evolution in the complexity of movement (Sara showed me different ways to wear certain pieces I could never have imagined!)

The pair photographed each other for the Mi Asunta lookbooks, an unintentional move but an idea that was born when the pair were let down by models originally booked for the shoot.  In these images the intimacy of the work process is captured on film perfectly.

In my mission to accessorise in new and unique ways this year, Mi Asunta is quite a find.  You can browse and purchase the collection at

Wearing: T-Shirt from Zara; skinny legging jean from Gap (available in black here); Jewelry, Mi Asunta.
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  1. dempeaux says

    This looks really intriguing! My way of changing jewellery is to loop a long necklace three times instead of once ;P Thanks for the post!

  2. says

    I’ve been really enjoying reading about your adventures in accessorising, mainly because you’ve introduced us to so many intriguing lines along the way. What gets me about Mi Asunta is the versatility of the pieces – the idea of being able to wear one necklace so many ways is very tempting, indeed :) I love the way you’ve worn it over yours over a simple tee, it really allows the piece to stand out.

  3. CinZilicious says

    i LOVE this piece of body jewelry!!! I’ve never quite thought of jewelry in this way but thanks for sharing! Definitely will be considering this idea=) I like the across the body effect a lot.


  4. says

    This is the most interesting and unique approach to jewelry design and creation I have ever seen! Amazing! Love the piece you’re wearing.

    Xo – Christy

  5. RosaLovesDC says

    Very chic and it fits your style so well. I love the creativity behind this line of jewelry. Thank you for introducing us to these fabulous designs.

  6. says

    That is some body jewellery! I’d love to see how many other ways it can be worn – and it’s way cooler that the designers themselves model their own pieces because they know it best!

  7. says

    Really interesting designs! The idea of the clasp chains to hold together a jacket is really clever. And I love how your item dresses up a simple T-shirt.

  8. says

    Did anyone see Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Music Awards last night? She was was wearing a sexy, plunging Jean Paul Gaultier tuxedo mini dress she has layered jewels and a body chain – reminded me of this collection! Maybe an upcoming jewelry trend?

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