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There are some London high-street favourites I return to each time I take a trip back home, Blog Reader.  One of these is Dorothy Perkins, an established brand known for providing affordable fashion – it’s one of the UK’s biggest retailers.  Recently Dorothy Perkins collaborated with designer Olivia Rubin on a delightfully named ‘Postcards From…‘ collection of clothing, created with some of Rubin’s signature bold prints.  It’s a small collection of simple wrap dresses and tops with some draping and peplum details and the print is very cute – colourful flying birds, shells and flowers:

Image above: Blush Shell Peplum Top and Grey Bird Peplum Dress, both Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins.

The Dorothy Perkins mainline collection tends to stick to classic silhouettes and simple shapes.  I go to them for their shoes, tees and dresses and during my last trip home to London in February my mother treated me to this lavender lace pencil dress.

Available in blush pink and a similar style in grey also, it’s a simple dress with flutter sleeves that give a lovely balanced, hourglass shape on the body.

Some of my other favourites at Dorothy Perkins right now: below left, the Border Print Prom Dress and Lilac Sleeveless Blouse.

I’m hugely fond of this label having grown up with them.  Do you have similar brands, Blog Reader, who follow you through life?

Wearing: Lavender Lace Dress, Dorothy Perkins; Tassle clutch, Robyn Brooks New York.


  1. says

    Well I can see why you are smitten with Dorothy..she fits you to perfection…that lace sheath is MADE FOR YOU lady. Just lovely..and with the lighter hue of blue on clutch…great outfit. I do have a few designers but the stand out is Nicole Miller..she is pricey but I always purchase a few dresses a year…as I worked for the brand for over 6 years and just LOVE the fit and quality. Happy week to you. C

  2. CinZilicious says

    WOW, that dress is from DP!?!! I would have never guesssed!!! I love this collaboration collection, it looks so glam and stylish. I like it in lavender and the color that you are wearing, as well as the white with black floral design one.

    Gosh, i used to love going to DP when i was studying in London. The good old days=)


  3. says

    Wow – DP looks ah-mazing on you and I am personally loving the black/white sleeveless dress on the bottom. So far, I don’t have any go-to brands for dresses that *always* look smashing, but I will certainly keep you posted.

    • says

      I have my fingers crossed that the prom dress is still around when I take my next trip home to the UK Lindsay! Thank you for leaving me a comment hope to meet you soon xo

  4. says

    I have been falling in love with DP styles here recently! But my question is this: how does the sizing go? After the conversion, does it run big or small?

    And all the other commenters are right – that dress is MADE for you!

  5. says

    Love this dress on you! This post reminds me of your style when you first moved to New York; there really has been an evolution in your wardrobe since.

    • says

      Anne I should do (and you should!) do some sort of post on the evolution of one’s style in the move to another country / city. I hadn’t thought much of it since my blog is like a style journal overall, but the New York style-scape has probably had a much bigger impact that I thought. So interesting!

  6. says

    Dorothy Perkins has such great stuff especially when you need something classic-looking and affordable! The dress looks amazing on you (and I must say your mum has great taste!), it’s literally like a 2nd skin – how do you keep your figure?!

    • says

      I force myself to do weights at the gym. And I love pilates….. DP gets a big tick in the ‘classic’ box for me, they do tend to stick to simple shapes but recently with the designer collaborations they’ve been more fashion forward. I think it’s a good sign of things to come. Do you own any of their pieces?

      • says

        I’ve been really lazy and not working out….I should start doing pilates again – I believe you when you say you do it, my body got pretty toned quickly when I was doing pilates! I surprisingly own more DP jewellery, and skinny jeans as compared to their classic dresses as I don’t need them at the moment! But it’s definitely going to be one of my go-to when I start working! p.s: I’ve not checked out their designer collabs, thanks for the heads up!

  7. says

    That dress really does look like it was made for you, Sarah – the fit is just exquisite and I love the colour, too! I grew up with very few shopping options in a small city where Le Chateau (a brand you may not know) is still one of the most popular labels. The only brand I’ve covetted and worn consistently since I was young is Club Monaco and I must admit, I have an almost emotional attachment to the store. I never leave empty-handed!

  8. mpchouchou says

    Not sure if my last comment came up? WordPress gets angry at me at times…anything I grew up with? Gone. And sadly limited in NH. Does the GAP count? I used to rock some serious looks from them….

  9. says

    Lovely as usual Miss Sarah. I like the simple flutter sleeves on you and the pairing with that bright blue clutch. Oh, I’m restarting Pilates! I feel taller already. :)

      • says

        There are only mat classes in HCMC. They don’t have the machines here and I’m just lucky to have found a really good Swiss teacher. It’s kickin’ my arse though. Love the work since it has woken up my core! :)

  10. says

    Love Dorothy Perkins and I have been eyeing up that lilac dress for a while…..if only I had more excuses to shop!! Beautiful photos as usual!
    May x

    • says

      The lilac blouse is the perfect mix of sheer and pastels to make it bang on trend for spring. I cut the hemline off a bit short but it’s asymmetric. Make that three trends in one!

  11. says

    Hi! What a beautiful dress! It reminds me of Kate Middleton’s dresses she wears a lot of blue :) I love the cute sleeves it gives it a nice touch. Wow the Border Print Prom Dress is stunning!!

      • says

        I went today. Tried on tons of stuff. But, and I’m sad about this, the cut, quality of fabric and finsihing left me v.sad. I always rely on Dotty Ps for tights but couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. Even with the biggest Ox St store on my doorstep. Wish I was 21 again and a stick able to buy anything but I hot footed it to Jaegar and spent £100 on a perfect, lined, well made, good dress for the price of 3 dotty ps ones. :(

        • says

          I am so sorry to hear this! I didn’t think the quality of my dress was poor but at that price it isn’t going to be on a par with say Reiss or Tibi (two of my favourite brands). I think DP do really well within the price band they are at. Actually this isn’t a sad story though, you found a great dress for you is that correct? I would rather pay for one thing that worked for my shape and made me feel great than buy a number of cheaper items. I think learning to dress for your shape is crucial – there are things I can’t wear because I’m petite and they don’t suit my shape! So, being a different shape might not solve everything, although I do understand it’s a sensitive issue. I hope you send me a pic of the Jaeger dress something, I see their designs on ASOS and love them (sorry – long reply!) x

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