StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Herve Leger Fall 2012

This fall at Herve Leger, signature figure-hugging dresses were made yet more seductive with the added thrill of restraint.  Harnesses at the hip, waist and bust and gladiator style corset boots accompanied each piece of the collection down the catwalk.

A little equestrian at times however overall pertaining to a bondage theme, the harnesses seen for fall 2012 seemed to be a development of the details we saw back in spring: back then we saw dresses with bodices, adorned with delicate metal belts.

This collection, inspired by feminine strength, is likely to appeal to those who love to show off their curves.  (Which, naturally, is a pre-requisite for an overall liking of the label.)  The harness details accentuate the feminine shape and certainly add a sense of drama to the proceedings.

I got a bit lost in the dominatrix accents at first – I almost overlooked the fact that different silhouettes punctuated the collection rather than it being bandage dress after bandage dress.  Fringed skirts, long sleeves and even some skinny trousers found their way onto the catwalk this season at Leger.

Much of the collection is just what I have come to expect from Herve Leger – devastatingly sexy pieces, time after time. I’m a fan – are you?



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      At first I got a bit stuck with that theme but actually there were some different styles and I quite liked the attempt to make something new with the feminine power/strength theme. I’d love to own a Leger dress, I keep seeing them on The Outnet but for something like this I’d want to try several on in store. Do you have anything like this style of bandage dress M?

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    Yes I am!! I love the gladiator style corset boots! I must say that I can’t get enough of the equestrian look. I love it when the weather gets chilly here, I take that opportunity to wear my high brown boots and tan/ beige pants.

    My dream is to go to one of these shows one day :)

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      I think the footwear was quite outstanding in this collection – reminded me of some of the styles at Pucci a year or so back. The brown leather pieces are very stylish, I found a great label doing some basic harnesses in this style, Mint Siren, you should check them out sometime (to go with your fab boots!)

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        Hi Sarah! I will definitely check it out! I’m going to miss the cold and my boots, it’s starting to warm up now. Well that just means its time to wear cute summer shoes :) I’ve been thinking of buying some cute red summer shoes. I saw a really nice display as I was walking by of red wedges! I wanted them all :D

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    I am a fan of Herve Leger’s beautiful designs – in theory. I absolutely love the styles on the runway, the appeal (particularly the sex appeal) is undeniable. But as a curvy girl, there is something about the designs that I know I would shy away from in person. A girl can dream, though :)

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      Cee have you ever tried one? Because I’m a small frame but I have some curves and I quite liked that the dresses made me feel very womanly. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you know what makes you shy away from the dresses?

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    Did you know the designer for Herve Leger is French?
    I wouldn’t wear a harness as I would feel constrained in my movements but I do love what’s underneath!

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      I did indeed know that fact! I think at times the harness distracted us from the details on the dress (there were quite a few beautiful embellishments that may have got a bit lost in this collection). xo

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      I think that each collection that are still hugely sexy pieces, but I wonder how many times Leger can do a variation on a theme. Actually I liked that fall seemed to be an extension of the ideas developed in spring – I look forward to seeing what the September show brings!

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    I’m really liking the different silhouettes. The bandage dresses have their place, but they’re getting a little tired. Nice to see some reinvention here :)

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    I always think that Herve Lerger will somehow outgrow the whole bondage dress but time and time again Lerger never fails to impress me!! love it!

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      I kinda hope the label does continue to evolve a bit more, but I think also the dresses are pretty striking and there is something nice about you-know-what-you-get with Leger. I liked the presentation of Fall and I now look forward with great interest to spring 2013.

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        Maybe it’s the fact that Leger is doing so well due to their bodycon dresses, that they keep maintaining it! I can’t wait for their new collections too, who knows, maybe they may start evolving ;)

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