Dress Me.

I leave you with a mixture of themes in today’s post, Blog Reader, as I am flying away tomorrow to the place that is fast becoming my second home in the US; Austin, Texas.  I’ll be catching up with some friends, hanging out at Barton Springs and enjoying a different pace for a while (that and 30 degree heat, ahem).  Thinking about what to take with me this evening reminded me just how much I love dresses for travelling – for easy packing, for helping you achieve such simple, feminine, breathtaking ‘no-effort’ looks on holiday and giving a wonderful focus to accessories.

This is one of my favourite dresses right now – the Aurela Essential Knit dress from BCBG Max Azria.  ‘Essential’ is perfectly fitting since I wear this dress a great deal, styled several ways.  The neckline can be worn scoop or lower on the shoulders, it looks amazing with a statement necklace and the asymmetrical hem puts your shoes right out there too.

Here I am wearing the dress with the lingerie-related portion of this Friday post – the waistcoat from the Aiko range at Lascivious, who continue to impress me with their innovation and creativity.  Combining a heavy metal chain with silky rope, the waistcoat is a lovely twist for the dress, contrasting its femininity with that little bit of an edge that you know, Blog Reader, I love.

The shoes in this post give the whole outfit a splash of colour.  There is a story behind these elegant sandals – I bought them after seeing them on the blog of my friend MsTwirlySkirts, who bought them after seeing them on another blog, Damsel in Dior.  That got me thinking that there just might be something inspiring and influential about these fashion blogs after all *winks*.

Back to the issue of the title ‘Dress Me’ – below are some of the spring dresses I am coveting this week that I would happily pack in my suitcase:

From left to right: Genie Pleated Maxi from Reiss;  Runway Muse Colour-Block Chiffon Maxi from BCBG Runway; Waflle Knit V Neck Dress in mint by Tibi and the Aurela Essential Knit Dress, also BCBG Max Azria.

Friday Lingerie Lust will return very soon.  Have a lovely weekend – if you miss me, you can catch up with my antics in Austin on Twitter and Facebook.

Wearing: Aurela Essential Knit Dress; Zara Basic Sandal and Lascivious Aiko Waistcoat.
Photos by the genius who is Lydia Hudgens.  Lydia has some free spots if you’d like to shoot with her in NYC this month – get in touch via her website.
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  1. rosalovesdc says

    Yes to number 1, I love Reiss so much.
    Have a fabulous time in Austin and BTW, I love that you use Celsius when referring to temperatures. I live for many years in Mexico and I am so used to Celsius so when I moved back to the US, it was (and it still is) hard to adapt to Fahrenheit.

  2. says

    Love the asymetric design of the dress and how you accessorized it.
    Believe it or not, I am wearing a dress again today. It’s another black number I bought at the DKNY sale and paired with my leather jacket it might very well become a wardrobe staple.
    Have a great trip to Austin with tons of fun and relaxing! xx

  3. says

    Such a simple but beautiful dress. I love a mullet dress (do they only call them that in Australia or do you use that term in USA as well?) Have a great trip! Sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun xx

  4. says

    I definitely had to convert those temps – 86F shouldn’t be too bad! Especially in Texas, where it’ll be dry. Just remember to hydrate more than normal, because you won’t realize you’re sweating (it evaporates). And I love this look :)

    • says

      I almost bought a pair with a bolder color scheme but I’m happy I chose these in the end. How is the thesis going! I’m sitting writing this comment to you from Austin, I can report the weather is gorgeous so I’m very happy!

      • dempeaux says

        They are lovely! The thesis is coming together slowly but surely. I sent off a first draft to both supervisors so we’ll see how that goes. Texas is gorgeous! Enjoy! x

  5. says

    That dress looks FANTASTIC on you!! I like the subtle grunge/rock you brought with that waistcoat (it looks like body jewellery) – enjoy the heat in Austin, wished I had some weather from there…my little brother studies in Austin Uni but I’ve never been there! xx

  6. says

    I love long dresses! Your shoes go so well with your dress. I really like that little touch of pastel color at the back of your shoe :) Have fun in Austin!! I heard the weather is nice in April!

    • says

      Thank you and those shoes are currently accompanying me everywhere. They are great with skinny jeans and my dress collection, I’m very pleased with them and they were a great price too.

  7. says

    Another trip to Austin? I’m envious, Sarah – and I can’t wait to see it on Instagram :) In the meantime, though, you are looking effortless and absolutely lovely in this ensemble. The asymetrical hemline of your simple black dress makes it such a sensual and feminine piece and paired with those amazing sandals (which I have seen all over the blog-o-sphere and contemplated buying myself!) it is absolutely understated perfection. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • says

      Yes another trip to Austin. My second home in the US I swear…. Cee I wear these sandals so much, they go really well with both skinny pants and dresses which makes them such a versatile pair to own. They come in other colours too – let me know if you buy!

  8. agirlinboston says

    Gorgeous dress and I love the asymmetrical hemline. Have a fab trip to Austin! I’m dying to get out there one of these days…

    • says

      Hi Soloni! Thanks for your comment, I do love Austin, I’d love to live here some time it’s a fabulous city. I visited Barton Springs yesterday, it was great fun and I looooved the sun x

  9. says

    Love the dress! I can’t get enough of these assymetric styles at the moment. It’s simple but interesting and I like how you added a bit of colour with your shoes. Thumbs up.
    Adela xx

  10. says

    This is absolutely stunning. I just purchased a dress with a similar hemline, for the first time ever actually! Also I’m dying over the rope accessory. Seriously I’m so into incorporating unique items like this, and I would wear this in a heartbeat! Adore!


  11. says

    My jaw just dropped! I can see why it’s your favourite dress right now, and you wear it so well. It’s very chic, and I love the way your hair sits on it.

    Out of the other dresses you posted I’d love to see you in the second one! Get it, oh, and remember please do send some sunshine back here!



  12. CinZilicious says

    WOW, i’m totally feeling this dress!!! It looks sooo gorgeous on you. Love the different length to the dress and the chains at the back. And of cause, i die for those shoes!!! I’ve seen a lot of color blocking shoes lately, they are oh sooo lovely=D



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