Eat My Shorts.

Some days my legs must get terribly confused.  They rarely saw the light of day in London and here in America they find themselves dressed with shorts on a regular basis.  I’m getting some Texan sun in Austin right now – it’s only March but yesterday the weather was an amazing 70+.  After New York City, I have the biggest affection for Austin as it’s a great city for adventure.

Despite having just two skin tones; pasty white and lobster red, I’m taking this trip as the opportunity to get in early with these lovely shorts from Anthony T Scott as I explore the place a second time.

I love the tie detail on these high waisted shorts and I find the aquamarine / cyan colour is a perfect spring hue (I’m not quite ready for tangerine tango just yet, Pantone).

Since the shorts are quite smart looking, I’ve paired them with a shirt for this outfit.  I’m also starting my accessories challenge (you may have noticed I tend to be sans adornment in my posts, Blog Reader) with this beaded princess necklace from Forever 21.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens / Moi.

My legs and I are now off to find Tim Riggins.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” – Friday Night Lights

Wearing: Shirt and shorts from Anthony T Scott; Necklace, Forever 21.  Shoes, FeelNGood, from Nine West.
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  1. says

    Gorgeous outfit, very sleek yet casual and I love the necklace. I agree, my skin barely sees the light of day in the UK yet when I go abroad I’m more comfortable showing a bit more.

  2. says

    Oh I hope you’re having a fab time in Austin. I really want to go there! The shorts are darling…I’m ready for shorts weather! By the way, I love the reference to Friday Night LIghts!!

  3. says

    How cute! LOVE the colour of the shorts. I used to wear high-waisted shorts like this a lot, but somehow I fell out of the habit. Must begin again!

  4. says

    Great shorts, I really love the bow on them. Nothing beats high waisted tailored shorts, and a slouchy blouse. I could do with some heat myself, it is 3 degrees celsius here right now – I miss the sun! I like the necklace too, and as always looking good! x

  5. says

    looking stunning Indian princess with the themed necklace! love the look of the shorts, so sleek yet with a girlie twist! xo

  6. says

    I think I would be more inclined to wear short regularly if I a: were going to spend time in Texas and b: could find a pair as pretty as these beautiful blue Anthony Scott shorts! The bow tie at the waist is so lovely and feminine – and paired with your bolo-tie style necklace, I think you’ll fit right in with the style mavens in Austin. Have a wonderful trip!

  7. says

    Yay!!! FINALLY a necklace:) And you didn’t even ease your way just went WHAM with a fantastic gold and black big fringed number. Love it!!

    The blue shorts are beautiful on you:) You legs look a mile long, as usual.

  8. says

    I LOVE teal! It’s quite big this season, isn’t it? I like the pairing of the preppy feminine shorts with the boho-chic necklace. Lovely! Nice to have you back from London.

  9. says

    Those shorts are SO CUTE! I have been looking everywhere for shorts exactly like those with the bow tie in the front. I love how the bow gives a pair of shorts a more elegant and stylish look.
    I’m currently between the aquamarine color and the tangerine. Blue is my favorite colors so I can’t pass up the aquamarine in the Springtime but recently I keep getting drawn to tangerine.


  10. Dr Dre says

    Nice outfit. However, the goosebumps on your legs tell a different story. I think that day you would have been smarter to wear a pair of tights underneath those shorts… Goosebumpy bare legs are not something to look at babe…

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