Some weekends are designed for slouching.  This means giving the little black dresses and high heels a rest and putting on my favourite comfortable clothes, getting a nice bottle of wine and watching the Superbowl (I’m so sorry, America) catching up on Midsummer Murders (England, sorry if I’ve let you down there too) writing to friends back home in London and taking it easy.  I recently decided to make a trip back to the UK in just a couple of weeks as I was feeling a little homesick, which means that with New York Fashion Week, flights, travelling within the UK to see family and friends and London Fashion Week just around the corner, this was the perfect weekend to slouch and re-group some energy for the hectic time ahead.

My favourite slouching clothes are all about the feel of the fabric and fiber on my skin.  I love this T by Alexander Wang grey marled draped muscle dress (picture directly above) not just for its name but for the very cute draped twist at the back.  Made of stretch jersey material, the fabric is opaque and it’s body con style which isn’t an obvious choice for slouching I know – it’s just the simplicity of the design that is so perfect.  The dress is a simple item of clothing you don’t need to worry about.  You throw it on and head to the sofa.

I’ve featured Between The Sheets on the blog before but I’ll say it again, their lounge-wear is the best.  Their Well Played collection, rich in micro modal that gives it that super soft feel is a favourite for lazy weekends.  I chose the soft champagne peach colour for this cardigan but there is a great choice of palette: bamboo (an aqua sorbet colour), dusk (a deep blue), dawn (off white) shade (mid purple) and midnight (black). Their halter neck tunic goes with shorts, leggings and jeans and it’s a super flattering shape.

What a shame to be back at work, Blog Reader. Then again, you know I love my little black dresses and heels….

Give it up, Blog Reader – what do you slouch around in (and other Fashion Bloggers I’ll be interested in your answers here too!)??

Wearing image top: Well Played cardigan and halter tunic from Between The Sheets; trousers (just seen) from TopShop.  Image bottom, heather grey marled draped back muscle dress from T by Alexander Wang.
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    well i must admit that i don’t lounge in as pretty of clothes as yours! i’m definitely about tees, sweatshirts and yoga/pajama pants ha! but i love these pretty pics ~ and work is a great thing ~ because you get to dress up ~ that’s a good enough reason to work as any in my opinion!
    xoxo, kristina

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    Slouch on the Couch – I love it :) I have to admit, my lounge clothes are decidedly less glamourous than yours… I’m typing in them right now and they amount to leggings and hoodie from American Apparel. Bad fashion blogger! I think it might be time for me to invest in something like your T by Alexander Wang dress – it looks absolutely divine, and so comfortable, too.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling homesick, hopefully you’re upcoming trip wil fix that in short order!

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      Hi Cee – at the beginning of the year I remember reading your post where you talked about wanting to travel… I honestly think not going home for Christmas made me a little homesick so it’s nice to go back this month. Also you just reminded me I found a clothing line I think you will love so I must email you…. x

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    That grey dress deserves more than a day slouching on the couch! You should see me as I slouch around in an old Nantucket sweatshirt, tank top and pajama pants. I’m not worthy!!

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    I love your look. I like how you have softness about you and your clothes. I agree I wish my souchy wear was nearly as chic as yours! I love T by A Wang. I want all of his shirts. They are soooo comfy.

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      Hi Heather and thank you for your comment! I find myself coveting most of the Alexander Wang T By… collection. I also saw some recent shots of his sports luxe inspired collection and I was blown away. I love this “look” but I find it so difficult to find the right pieces for my shape…

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    haha love the title of this post :p I was going to go out all fashionista style for the Super Bowl but I was feeling really run down so opted for comfy leggings and a hoodie (hence no outfit pics). Some days comfort rules over fashion!

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    So glamorous while lounging! On weekends, I live in soft leggings and long pretty sweaters, and they seem just perfect for lounging around home, sipping cappuccino at the coffee shop with my husband, maybe catching a matinee. When I head out I usually just slip on one of my fur sweater vests and some suede boots … Anything that says soft to me is key. Glad to know about Between The Sheets! ~xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

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    You look stunning as usual. And I must say, my favourite kind of clothing is the lounge clothes ;) When I have a lazy afternoon I usually head to a coffee shop in silk ballet flats, a soft jumper dress and a scarf!

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    oh, my favorite color Grey… I take almost all dresses etc.. haha

    usually a nice warm pair of cotton pant, a tee and fluffy warm sporty jacket for home! ;)

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    I live in my BTS lounge pants. I have the black drawstring pant for winter and a pair of beige drawstring shorts for summer. Oh and I have the most delicious leopard print tees from Rebecca Taylor, they are so soft!! You should check out her stuff on sale- she has a shop in Meatpacking i went to last time I was in town.

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    Put some tights on with that first outfit and you’d fit right in at my dance classes girl! Those colours look amazing on you which is impressive because those colours can really do a number a skin tone. You pull them off effortlessly.

    Stunning as always
    much love

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    I need some nice slouching clothes, and OMG I want that dress! You look amazing! You don’t want to know what I slouch around the house in…let’s just say that my track suit pants have seen better days ;)

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    Oh I love this dress! I’ve been trying to find a grey dress with drapery effects myself.
    I usually spend my days off wearing skinny blue jeans and a V-neck T-shirt from Petit Bateau.

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