StyleOnTheCouch Travels: Death Valley

I haven’t yet shared all the photos from my West coast holiday last summer – clearly the cold New York City winter has me craving the dessert heat because I decided to post pics from one of my favourite parks during the trip, Death Valley.

Death Valley was an intense and changing landscape of low lying salt flats, mountain top overlooks, graceful sand dunes and abandoned wilderness.

Badwater salt flats, 5 miles across and no shade (! and cue much squinting in photographs) was a magical plain of white grains stretching out before me.

The heat was far too intense to spend too long out in the basin, but under the sun it was beautiful.

Heading back from Badwater Basin to Dante’s View, I went through Artist’s Drive – a nine mile paved loop through multi coloured volcanic and sedimentary hills – incredibly photogenic in the near-sunset light

Dante’s View (above), 5000 feet above the inferno of Death Valley was the most amazing place to drive up to and watch the sun go down

Above: Furnace Creek ranch, my home for the night. Below: woman & cactus.  Clearly the heat had gone to my head at this point

I would wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Death Valley, Blog Reader.  The changing landscape and the vibrantly coloured scenes are a wonder to see.

You can read more about Death Valley on the National Parks website.

Desert gear, care of: Alexander Wang (black dress) Gap (denim shorts) and Anthropologie (red maxi)

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  1. says

    After coming home from work in the pitch dark and pouring rain at only five pm, photos of Death Valley are only that much more appealing :) It must have been absolutely scorching in the basin, but the views are absolutely stunning and the heat seems very appealing at the moment! And I must tell you, I find your ability to make a bare midriff look classy really quite incredible – it’s a skill, and I admire it :)

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing this slice of sunshine! Also I know I’ve said this before, but you have such a fantastic body (I mean that in a non-weirdo/stalker way). Need to take exercise tips from you I think! ;)

    Briony xx

  3. says

    I Think we may have driven through here when I was in California. Is there any chance it’s in between Irvine CA and Las Vegas? I could of swore we drove through there, or maybe we were going to lol Can’t remember now. In any case sad we didn’t stop, but it was President’s weekend and it took 8 hours to get there when it should have only taken 4. Traffic was INSANE; so was the trip lol

    You look like a model going to casting in your black tank and shorts :) simple yet chic.
    Well done


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