Doing The Splits.

Current obsession: skirts with splits.

Back in 2010 I remember a resurgence of skirts and dresses with splits on the catwalk, I’m thinking specifically here of Versace (never shy of exposing the thigh, I admit), Lanvin and Zac Posen.  I found this amazing high-waisted slashed maxi skirt in the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collection and well, I couldn’t do splits by halves so I just went for it.

The design of the skirt is incredibly flattering.  The high waist gives a sculpted look with enough fabric before the slashes begin to make me feel ‘secure’ in wearing it.  The splits stop just shy of being too revealing although it’s still a bold design to carry off. Don’t ask me about walking down the stairs* or gusts of wind….

There are some amazing pieces available in this kind of style right now.  I’m particularly noticing leather skirts with splits in – Rodarte designed a shorter version of this here in leather, for the same collection for Opening Ceremony.  I’ve included some of my inspirations for this style here – I’m particularly drawn to the Burberry Prorsum mustard dress above and the ASOS pencil skirt in mint is on my never-ending wish list (a perfect spring skirt!)

Image above: left to right: Burberry Prorsum slash front silk dressASOS pencil skirt in mint and Lanvin side split beach maxi from Net a Porter.

Above, left to right; Cecile halter maxi dress from Reiss (see me wearing this dress here); Rodarte for Opening Ceremony slit leather skirt and McQueen split leather pencil skirt on Net a Porter.

Will you be daring to brave the split this year, Blog Reader?

Main image, top: wearing: skirt from Opening Ceremony; blouse, Madison Marcus, from Barneys NY, shoes, Andriana from Nine West.

*I don’t care, I’m wearing a little piece of Rodarte and I shall get taxis EVERYwhere.



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    I remember going through a phase when I was quite young – much too young to wear a skirt with a split – when I thought that they were absolutely the most glamourous thing you could wear. I haven’t considered a split skirt as an outfit option for years, but seeing how you styled this one, I’m quickly reverting to my teenaged opinion :) I’m not sure about the practical part of wearing this type of garment, but who cares about practical when you look so gorgeous? Your floral blouse is just delightful, too.

    • says

      I purposely avoided writing about the practicality of it for that very reason! It is definitely a skirt to hop from taxi to bar and restaurant, back into the taxi and then home again. Having that said I have worked out a very neat way of holding the pleats together for stairs. Adapt or die haha

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    Kudos to you for being bold, daring and sophisticated in the Rodarte skirt! I’m particularly drawn to the mint color right now so I absolutely LOVE the ASOS pencil skirt! I’ve been looking to add more skirts to my wardrobe this Spring so I just might have to add a statement skirt that has a somewhat high slit.


  3. says

    those dresses and skirt, sure are back in fashion .. lovem’! always have been and am an Nostalgic Fashion Lover .. even the 90s or 80s just had some fabulous looks, I think, haha! ;)

    you look smashing! x

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    Not sure I will be able to successfully chase down my toddler in a high slit skirt…HOWEVER would totally rock the look for a night out on the town. Love it!
    you look beautiful here…that blouse is stealing the show for me.

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    I used to own a skirt very similar to this, and yes, walking into the wind was always an interesting experience! I’ve resisted going back to this style because I’m not sure it’s that flattering on me, and it’s a little impractical to wear around in such a windy place ;)


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