“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” ~ Anon.

This week is a special week for me.  It marks one whole year of New York living and two years of blogging.  Moving to New York has been a huge challenge but right now life feels a big adventure.  The adventures in blogging continue – I love to read all your comments on my outfit, designer and travel posts and I adore the conversations that StyleOnTheCouch and Twitter create for me.

I would love to know what you like about StyleOnTheCouch, what you might like to read more of (or less of!), or anything you might want me to include – any thoughts please leave me a little note below.

I’m celebrating these two anniversaries with a little re-design for StyleOnTheCouch – not a dramatic change but more of a subtle one, to keep things fresh as I look forward to new and exciting experiences in 2012. We welcome Mademoiselle Sarah back to the blog, this time with her couch and her mix of Psychology texts and Vogue editions.  As always, she is ready to step into her black dress with great hopes for a glamorous night out…. a huge thank you to my new friend Barbara for her lovely art work.

Also, to remind you, Blog Reader, that I remain the same despite the much loved design tweaks, I wanted to repost the piece that inspired me to embark on my journey in style – one of my favourite Reiss dresses.

I cannot tell you, Blog Reader, just how much I love the shape of this dress and the layers and swathes that wrap around my body.  I wore this dress on Christmas Eve whilst toasting to my adventures in the USA – those from the past and those to come.

Travel has been a big part of 2011.  The changing landscape in America is so exciting to see and the scale of this amazes me all the time.  Pictures below, top right, clockwise: On route to Death Valley national park; San Francisco; The Grand Canyon and Yosemite Park‘s tunnel view.

Below: My home this past year – the southern tip of Manhattan; Brooklyn bridge and the East Village during the summer street fairs.

I miss friends and family in Europe like crazy but I’m grateful for this time in New York city.  I want to say thank you so much for being a StyleOnTheCouch reader in 2011. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2012 – see you then!

StyleOnTheCouch xo

Photo credits: Lydia Hudgens.



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      Jamie I really hope you make it to NYC sometime next year so we can say hello. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and taking time to comment. Where would I be without my BurnNotice gang, hey? xx

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    I love your blog and I always get excited to see new posts on my google reader because I know I will be treated to gorgeous and inspiring outfits. Cheers to a fabulous 2012!

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    Love your blog – still the best fashion blog around!! You look so pretty in that Reiss dress. I’f I ever see it on Ebay it’s MINE ;)

    Congrats on your year. You’ve done so well!! xxx

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    I started following your blog last year when missing London – a beautiful and intelligent British woman showing off British fashion. I don’t always comments because of lack of time but I read every post and all I can say SOTC is that you’ve really come into your own. I really like the mix of fashion, travel and that wee glimpse into your new life in NYC to keep it personal and real. Best of luck for 2012, and I just know even more wonderful things lie in store for you.

    See you in London!


    PS – Mademoiselle Sarah looks fabulous!

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    i always love your gorgeous dresses that you wear!! {so feminine and classic} keep up the wonderful work, i like the outfit posts of yours very much, i think they’re my favorite!! happy holidays to you and your blog is so awesome!!
    xo, kristina

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    I didn’t realise you’d been blogging for two full years! I evidently came to the party a bit late, but I’ve still loved every minute of it. Living vicariously through all of your New York adventures, your travels around the USA and your lovely collection of black dresses has been such fun – and I’ve learned a great deal about lingerie designers along the way! The restyle of your blog is a perfectly lovely update to take you into the new year – I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring for your blog!

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    I just adore the look of the blog. It is you, just fine tuned. It is a sleeker look for 2012 that is well timed on all levels. I love that you are looking back and forward- with that dress (I remember seeing for so long in your twitter avatar!). It is as gorgeous as you, and the new site. I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store.

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    Happy NY and blog-anniversary. Loving the new look and Mademoiselle Sarah! Love reading your blog and following your style. Looking forward to many more tales and pics. xox

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    Congratulations! I adore your blog, and I love reading about new & current labels/ designs through your pages.
    I think lydias photography is a great addition – She seems to capture the moment perfectly and I love her shots.
    Love the Reiss dress as well !
    Keep on keeping on :0)

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    Oh this dress is gorgeous! It’s structured and drapey all at the same time! Blair Waldorf meets prom princess…and I mean that in the best way possible :)

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    Darling friend. You are so gorgeous. I just discovered your blog in the past few months in fact, and I’m hooked. You carry such elegance and grace and it eludes in your photos. This dress is stunning and so are you! I wasn’t aware of your adventures from Europe to the States. I can’t imagine how challenging it would be. Currently I’m missing the mere 2 years we spent in Rome, so I can only imagine. If I visit New York, I will most certainly have to look you up :) I’ve never been and always wanted to visit. Your travels throughout the US look spectacular…giving me the bug! Happy New Year my gorgeous friend! Cheers to many more years of blogging and adventures!

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      Thank you! I adore the shape of this dress – I actually have the skirt part too, which is fabulous with a simple white tee for an evening out. I do have a big love of Reiss (can you tell?) Thanks for stopping by….

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    What a lovely post and retrospective. The blog looks wonderful and I too look forward to see what you have in store for 2012. I’m also thankful for what blogging has brought me including having had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people including you. Happy happy holidays!

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    Congratulations on one whole year in NYC (that went fast) and two years of blogging! So glad to have discovered you..(can’t remember when) but have been a devout follower for over a year…love our blogging relationship..SO glad we have met in person…you are just the sweetest, most genuine lady…..and such a stunner..love every post!
    Excited to see the changes…keeping it fresh is always a good thing.. I jsut changed my blog design around and am SO smitten with the new look..wondering what took me so long, lol.
    Happy New Year Sarah!

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    You look beautiful in that dress. Congrats on your anniversaries. I love NYC, it really is an amazing opportunity to get to live there and I’m grateful that I had the chance. Hope the new year brings wonderful things for you.

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    Just found your blog, it is overall so lovely, your style, blog postings, everything. I lived in New York for 3 years until last year and miss it so. Your posts remind me of how lovely the city is. I also miss Reiss, one of my fav stores which isn’t available in Chicago. Look forward to following you.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

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    Its always a pleasure to read your blog and I especially like your travel posts….you always manage to look fabulous and combine fashion with travel! So please keep posting! :)
    Also have a Happy New Year!!
    May x

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    A very happy NYC and blogging birthday to you my dear! I know the past year has been so challenging for you but looking back at your experiences, learnings and travels, I think you can be quite proud of yourself. The same goes for how greatly your blog has developed and all the people you have met through this project since your move (lovely, lovely new design by the way).
    I look forward to reading more Style On The Couch posts (my New Year’s resolution is to become a more regular reader…) and having fun in NY with you in 2012!

  17. CinZilicious says

    you know what? i love the title of this post! it really caught my attention and inspired me to think more deeply about life, especially with how things are going on in my life recently=)

    It’s been a great mile stone for you but i adore reading your blog and checking out your lovely fashionable style, glam travel destinations, and of course the lovely lingerie dosages every now and then! I cant wait to see what awaits us all from your blog in 2012!!!

    p.s. love your dress, the shape is so unique and interesting!


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    Congratulations on hitting the two year mark! When I first started following you, you had recently moved to NYC. What has amazed and inspired me is how much you have explored not only New York City, but the United States, in only one short year! The blog upgrade looks beautiful and I am glad to hear that your content remains authentically SOTC. :) Happy New Year!

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      Kate – I’m certain that my time limited stay here is forcing me to make the very best of all the US has to offer. I remember our meeting – you gave me such great survival tips for the US winter and places to see and things to do. We need to get another drink in soon xo

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    Such a lovely post! And I can’t believe it’s now been a whole year! I can completely sympathise with everything you say – moving countries can be so heart-wrenchingly lonely/stressful at the beginning, but it is also the most wonderful adventure and the best thing I’ve done. Wishing you wonderful, wonderful times and every success in 2012!!

    P.S. I love these sorts of posts where you muse on personal things and life in New York, etc. as well as your own style/in your wardrobe.

    Briony xx

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    Please never stop blogging. Whenever I get a spare moment at work I find myself on here. Admiring your posts, outfits, and of course your lovely locks – you know I absolutely adore your hair; you have the most gorgeous curls. That dress looks like it was made for you – I cannot do justice in words how great it looks on. You truly are a poster girl for Reiss; a beautiful English rose with masses of style. x

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