In With The New (Dress, obviously – you know me…)

With a reason to get dressed up and plenty of time to reflect, New Year’s Eve combines my passion for psychology and fashion perfectly.  I have a very short wish list of resolutions for 2012: to travel to Montana and play cowgirl this summer (I knew I should have bought that Stetson in Texas), learn to make macarons and make at least two trips back to Europe (because Europe, I miss you so…).

My outfit for New Year’s Eve is from All Saints.  All Saints recently brought out a collection of Premium dresses that are so wonderfully constructed and dramatic in style they drew me in like a moth to a flame.  This Appeley gown is styled around the parachute theme that typifies many of All Saints’ dresses.  Rope fabric has been twisted to create three-dimensional seams on the dress. These seams are placed strategically to create a uber flattering silhouette – curving around the body and flowing down into the full skirt.

There are five dresses in the All Saints premium collection – others are Heather, Sumi Cora, Allegra and the Silk Parachute dress.  Appeley remains my favourite, but I’ve love to know what you think of the collection, Blog Reader.

Photo credits: Lydia Hudgens.

I wanted to give a brief round-up of my favourite places to shop for dresses in the winter sales here – for any of you searching for bargains this January.  First of all Farfetch, an online site that brings together some fabulous boutiques from across the world, has a great sale on now with many designer dresses at discount (top tips – this sleeveless Alexander Wang dress and the Ardwick dress from Rag & Bone).  Also Black White Denim, a wonderful UK boutique (top tip – this cut out dress by Carven). Finally Opening Ceremony, whose SoHo store I often visit for style inspiration in NYC (top pick – the Rachel Comey Candela Dahia dress).

Happy New Year, Blog Reader!! (But now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – what did you wear??)



  1. says

    The dress is amazing and you look gorgeous in it! I was in All Saints last week searching for a T-shirt for eldest daughters boyfriend for Xmas so didn’t have time to look in the ladies department. Happy New Year to you honey xxx

  2. says

    What a spectacular look! Very fitting for a New Year’s celebration. I intend to wear the DKNY you like so much (by the way, the entire Mullier family thanks you for making me buy a dress…).
    PS. I am so very pleased with your resolution to learn how to make macarons ;-)

  3. says

    Absolutely stunning dress…you look fantastic!!! are you going to Times Square for the ball dropping??, that would definitely be one place I would love to be on New Years eve!!

    Best wishes to you for 2012…hope to see you in Europe next year..CHEERS!!!!

  4. says

    What an absolutely stunning dress – and perfect for New Year’s Eve! I love that you always manage to find black pieces that are anything but basic. The lines in this dress are so unique, a colour would almost detract from the detail. I hope you have some truly fabulous plans for this dress this evening :) Happy New Year!

  5. says

    What an incredibly beautiful dress! I can’t believe it’s All Saints!!! What a fab find.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day today and am wishing you a very special, beautiful and happy 2012!!! x

  6. says

    Happy New Year! You are freakishly beautiful and I love your style. Sadly, I am wearing my cringe-worthy poly-blend Coast Guard uniform tonite, but in my imagination I am wearing something more like that incredible black number. Love it!

  7. says

    wow, this looks stunning .. it has a vintage/victorian goth theme going on, I think! looks magical! something in the style of Rodarte! ;)

    Wishing you a even more Stylish New Years 2012! xoxo

  8. CinZilicious says

    WOw….that is one statement piece of dress – love it!!! I like how the rope fabric has been twisted to give it a three dimensional look to the dress. Ahhhhh….once again, you look soo gorgeous=D

    Yes, your list of resolution for 2012 may be short but at least, that way, it can be more managed ;)
    I was thinking to learn how to make macarons too, there’s been a big macaron frenzy for the past few years in the real world and in the blogoshere!! And you should defo at least make 2 trips back to Europe!!! I miss Europe dearly too!!!

    Happy new year and wishing you all the best in 2012!!!


  9. says

    STUNNING!!! You should never take that dress off…LOVE IT! Just beautiful.

    Also loving all the adorable new graphics/sketches on the blog..look great.
    Happy New Year..and yes yes yes we need a NYC shopping excursion for sure.

  10. says

    I have you to thank for introducing me to yet another fabulous British brand. This reminds me of the design of the dress I bought over the summer- but infinitely more chic. You have a knack for finding the basic items with the best design, and always so true to your style. Fabulous purchase for the start of a new year.

    • says

      I’m thrilled you said that, because when I saw the dress for the first time I thought of McQueen too. There is a certain gothic drama to the dress in the McQueen way I think. Although not nearly enough feathers or lace!

  11. says

    Stunningly stylish dress! The use of those 3 dimensional seams is reminiscent of some designs by the amazing Elsa Schiaparelli, in particular her “skeleton dress” design for the 1938 Circus collection, which was an utterly fabulous dress! You look absolutely exquisite wearing it, I love coming ton your blog, seeing your style & reading your views on fashion!! :)

    Happy new year – great resolutions by the way, especially those that involve travel!!

    Stay stylish, xoxo

  12. says

    Love this dress! I sometimes find it hard to wear full-length dresses because I carry my weight on my midsection (I think full-length dresses call for a tiny waist) but I think this would do really well because of the seaming. You look lovely!

    • says

      Sarah the way that the seams curve around the midsection are because they appear to give me more of a waist than I have. Very clever design with this dress, I love it. Happy New Year!


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