Friday Lingerie Lust: Blush Spring Collection

Back in November I featured Blush on StyleOnTheCouch and this proved to be one of my most popular lingerie posts.  My Christmas gift to you, Blog Reader, is an early look at Blush’s sublime spring collection.  For spring they treat us to another dazzling editorial campaign, this time in the style of screen idol Bardot.

Once again Blush have created beautifully distinct pieces within a spring line that seems to offer something for everyone.  I think that the silhouettes for spring/summer are super flattering and I love that lace features so strongly in their new intimates.  Spellbound (picture, below) is a delightfully retro polka dot print design within the mainline collection.  The high waisted brief has a cute cut out with bow detail that highlights the playful sensuality of the Blush woman.

Luscious (pictures immediately above) is a wonderfully flirty line of banded stretch lace and stretch dot mesh.  Created in “red pout” and “black swan” (to the person who conjures up these names, I salute you) my favourite Luscious piece is the chemise set with string brief (above picture, right).

Blush continue their ‘Black Label’ collection which is good news as this means the Midnight Kiss and Naked Envy lines will run through to next year.  I have the teddy from the Midnight Kiss range and it is created in a gorgeously rich and opulent midnight blue colour.  My experience with Blush is that they are a great fit – the satin fabric of the teddy hugs the body perfectly.

Finally, I want to highlight Great Expectations (image, top of page) that wouldn’t look out of place on a Hollywood movie star of the 40s or 50s.  Free Love (picture above right), is an interesting juxtaposition of girly flower print with sheer fabric – a little bit of naughty with a lot of nice (or should that be vice versa?) – and is available in black and white colours.

The spring styles will be available to buy from February.  Click here for Blush stockists.

A little note: I’ll be posting less frequently over Christmas and New Year but do check back on Monday for a post marking one year of living here in New York City and two years of blogging!

Have a very Merry Christmas! StyleOnTheCouch xo

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  1. says

    these are fabulous. i truly look forward to having a fabulous life complimented by fabulous lingerie such as this! i also look forward to your monday post about life in new york! happy christmas, sarah! x

    • says

      So sorry to hear that Cam. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the Christmas break, even though it may be a bit more reflective for you and your family. See you in 2012 for sure!x

  2. says

    Goodness, I can never say no to anything Bardot-inspired and that polkadot set is absolutely divine. Definitely will be marking the release of this collection on my calendar! You really have opened me up to a wonderful world of luxurious intimates. Have a wonder Christmas, Sarah, and may 2012 bring you all that you wish for and more!

  3. says

    Firstly, I really adore your style. The previous post, and your NY Moments… all fabulous!
    The lingerie pics will have to be shown to my Sweets! He’ll adore! He is a Frenchman after all, and over there they do know the value of lingerie… well not maybe all Frenchies but mine definitely does! He asked me yesterday… “honey, will you be sexy this holiday weekend”? So adorable… well, guess what I whispered?;)

    Sweet Xmas to you, my dear new friend!

  4. says

    Oh goodness, I can’t look at these photos after all the holiday cocktails and cookies I have consumed. Clearly it is time for me to start my new years resolutions for a fitter 2012 sooner. One of these lovely pieces would be great motivation though…..

  5. says

    Oooh I love the lacey pieces in the first pictures!
    I believe your Lingerie Lust posts have influenced me in asking new lingerie for Christmas and Santa gifted me with a few items from my favorite brand Princesse Tam-Tam.


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