US Road Trip – San Francisco (Part I)

Back to my recent California road trip!!  I loved being in laid back San Francisco.  My heels didn’t much like the up and down streets but I enjoyed the mix of landscape (in the city, by the sea…..) and the mouthwateringly fresh seafood.  San Francisco was quite a relaxed part of my holiday and my days went something like this: walk around the city, sightsee, lunch (e.g The Cliff House), walk on the beach, ride a cable car, hop to Alcatraz, quick change at the hotel, forget not to wear heels, dinner and drinks (e.g Wayfare Tavern)…

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves in this one. I can’t wait to return someday!

Wearing: red maxi skirt from Anthropologie; classic white tee from ASOS.  Snake bracelet from Jon Richard.  Aviators: Fendi.



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    Lary and I spent a few months in Cali several months ago, and we had a great time. Alcatraz was pretty amazing. I wrote a blog on it.

    The shot of the water with the 2 water glasses looks just like a place in Malibu called Duke’s. Where is that shot from?

    Badass snake bracelet BTW!

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    I’m so envious of your globe-trotting, miss! It seems that every week you’re off on some new and wonderful adventure. I love the maxi, the brilliant shade of red stands out so beautifully against the ocean blue in the background of your photos :)

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    Love these pictures! I have yet to travel to San Francisco but it is definitely on my list of places to visit in the next few years. Love that skirt on you too, GREAT color!!! Xo

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    Great pictures – I have a dream to visit SF one day – a place I have heard so much about, and seen so many times on the tv – just gotta do it !!

    Your bracelet looks really nice and I love the pic of you holding the glass of wine – :0)

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    It looks like you are having a fabulous time. I have always wanted to visit California. The first photo is great; you are so photogenic. The maxi skirt looks really good on you. Loving the champagne picture too – it’s all about the bubbles!! x

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    I love the posts in which you share your travels with your readers! Such dreamy pictures…
    My best friend from school lives near San Fran and invited me over the holidays so I’ll be bothering you for tips sooner or later ;-)

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