Friday Lingerie Lust: Strumpet & Pink

A slightly different lingerie feature this week Blog Reader, as we have a particular focus on the derriere.  Or, at least the type of derriere I imagine Marie Antoinette to have should she be alive in 2011 and searching for her perfect brand.

She would have to travel to England, naturellement, to Strumpet & Pink, to capture these amazing designs (rather, works of art) created by Lisa Morgan and Melanie Probert. Each of their pieces is individually named, for example “Rosette Cheeks” and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”* and are almost, I fear, too pretty to wear….

I’m rather fond of any collections that are laden with contradictions, so no surprise that I love these hand made pieces from Strumpet & Pink.  They are soft and feminine, designed with a certain fragility and sensuality, yet they are also far too much fun to be taken seriously.

The fabrics used for the designs are a celebration of fashion and frills: satin, chiffon, ribbon, silk….. one of my favourite lingerie boutiques Faire Frou Frou describe the knickers as “wearable art, kind of like a couture gown.”

I may just have found the McQueen of the lingerie world.

Now, these designs are not cheap, but if you’re thinking of a serious splurge then you can purchase from Faire Frou Frou and GlamAm.  Or, like me, you can just admire these gorgeous designs here.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these pieces…. Happy weekend all! xo

*in case you are wondering – image top: name = “Pussy Willow”. These two designers have a cheeky sense of humour….

Image credits: Faire Frou Frou / Strumpet and Pink


  1. says

    Those black little ruffled numbers..I DIE…although I don’t know how you would EVER wear them underneath something…I suppose they are just for laying around in lingerie looking beautiful…I do that alot…LOL. NOT.
    Happy Friday.

  2. says

    Goodness, I think these designers really might be the McQueens of lingerie, these designs are so utterly unique… Not entirely practical, perhaps, but utterly lovely!

  3. says

    When I looked at the first picture in my Google Reader I wasn’t sure what I was looking at! But I LOVE these pieces! Really feminine and very appealing indeed. I wonder how you’d wash the first one? Might raise a few eyebrows at the drycleaner’s ;)

  4. says

    Seriously, any company that makes use of the term strumpet, AND names pieces after DH Lawrence novels is a winner in my book. Oh, and I love the frou frou ruffles and satin.

  5. says

    Well you know I love me a beautiful pair of frillies! And these are perfect, great find Mrs :) Ohhh and is it just me or do the middle green pair look like a very lush green lettuce? Not an iceberg, but a lovely little gem of course ;) x x x

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