Castle In The Clouds

High up on a hill top along the Big Sur coastline lies the magnificent estate of publishing magnate William Hearst.  Situated on what Hearst named the “Enchanted Hill”, the estate is made up of the main house “Case Grande” (70,000 sq ft, 38 bedrooms, 30 fireplaces, 42 bathrooms, *cough*) and three guest homes (a total of 11, 500 sq ft between them).  The 127 acres of grounds also play host to an opulent, Roman style indoor swimming pool, a grandiose, Grecian style outdoor pool area and several walkways and terraces. Hearst Castle in older times also had a zoo, with Polar Bears, Zebra, Bison and Mountain elk.

It’s the perfect place for a pool party, for sure.

What was supposed to have been a cloudy, wet day suddenly turned into bright sunshine on Enchanted Hill.  The estate looked magnificent in the sunlight

A sneak peek into the grandiose world of William Hearst…

Wearing: Flared jeans and black tee, both from GAP. ‘Layla’ ankle boots (just seen) Giles for Nine West.



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    What a magical place! I have a serious soft spot for mosaic tile, so I absolutely swooned over the second to last photo. If money were no object, that room, or at least something very similar, would be in my dream home :) Hopefully I can make it to visit Enchanted Hill myself one day!

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      Cinz I took photos of the inside too, you would have been stunned at the opulence in the rooms as well. William Hearst acquired so much art and artefacts from around the world. Whatever he saw that he liked, I think he just had to have.


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