New York Fashion Week Diary Part II: “The Hair”

Sometimes I genuinely love my hair and sometimes I want to cut it all off.  Mainly I’d love to be able to “do” more with my hair, or at least have lower maintenance locks – I’m convinced that keeping a frizz free curly mane is a) more work that it should be and b) a bit of a lost cause since the frizz always finds a way to creep back.  That was, until I encountered my new best friend Blow NY.

Blow offer several different blow out services costing between $40-60 for a shampoo and styling.  I had my curls defined with an iron for $10 extra.  Want an up do? No problem – try Glamhair.  Blow even come to your home if you’re that much in need!

I visited Blow NY just before all the lovely events began in Manhattan for New York Fashion Week.  I spoke to my stylist Chrissie about what I wanted and her marvellous care and attention gave me fabulous curls and condition that I loved and which lasted.  I will definitely go back to the bar – it’s a treat to have a blow dry but I approach this in the same way I approach manicures, massages and all things I consider to be the realm of the high maintenance woman* (yes, really!!) I don’t do it often, so when I do, it’s ok to splurge a little.

If you live in Manhattan and want a little hair-pampering I would absolutely recommend Blow NY.  You might even see me there…. they do cuts and colour alongside their regular blow out services and that’s next for me….

* Ok ok so I bite my nails.  Manicures ain’t happening.  And I do actually like massages I just always prioritize clothes over pampering. Every time….hey ho.
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    LOL! The last bit made me giggle, ’cause I’m like that myself. I hardly ever even go to the hairdresser, ’cause it never really ends up looking how I want it to look anyway and so I’d rather save my money :p but This Blow NY sounds great and I can see why you’d go there now, with it being Fashion Week and all :) Oh and also, you look fab!
    Did you enjoy the US Open btw? :D x

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      LOVED the US Open! I had 7 hours of great tennis, plus I lucked out with Federer / Djokovic and Nadal / Murray. Wish Murray could have won, but Nadal played a good game… (ps glad to know that I am not alone….!!)

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    I always prioritize clothes over pampering as well :) But we have a blow dry bar here in Vancouver where I do stop in every once in a while. My hair is very maintenance (or maybe I just lack the skill to style it well myself!) and it’s always much happier when someone else does it for me!

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      It’s good to hear that – I’m thinking that having nice hair makes me feel a little happier all round (the Psychology of The Bad Hair Day could be a post in itself!) and whilst I get my hair cut so infrequently, I might invest a little more in blow drys Cee…

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    It’s funny how women in New York are so much more focused on blow-drying their hair compared to Europeans (well, at least the French!). New-Yorkers are high-maintenance indeed when it comes to beauty. You look fab in the pics and I noticed the difference right away ;-)
    PS. Next time I see you I want to see polish on those fingernails so you won’t bite them anymore.

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      I have noticed that when I use product and let my hair dry natural, like when I am on holiday and just sit in the sun… frizz is minimised. I dream of the perfect product for this too. Until then I might just have to stick to Blow BY, you’re right!

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