Friday Lingerie Lust: Chantelle

This week’s ‘Lingerie Lust’ is a breathtaking collection of images shot by Camilla Akrans for Chantelle Lingerie‘s Fall campaign.  Featuring Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik, lace and sheer lingerie is shown in the spirit of Chantelle: the ‘French Allure’:

“Every woman has the gift of cultivating a natural elegance. This barely perceptible little spark is called allure. It is not something you learn, it is simply her self-confidence showing through. Throughout these collections, Chantelle reveals this timeless beauty in a trail of modernity, very sensual, very French, that feeling of being chic in all circumstances. Parisian, bold, spontaneous, the French allure cannot be explained; it shows in a gesture, a look, a posture, and in that very French “je ne sais quoi” which elevates women to the sublime” ~ Chantelle

My first experience of Chantelle was as a gift.  I’ve bought several Chantelle items since – I think the bras are very well made and I love the emphasis on lace.  Chantelle aim to deliver four effects to elevate the female figure to the “sublime”.  Shaping, enveloping, uplifting and plunging:

With collections ranging from everyday fashion to “la seduction” (oo la la) Chantelle cover a wide range of lingerie desires too. Going purely by the images here, I defy you not to aspire to a “je ne sais quoi” of your own…

Do you own any Chantelle, Blog Reader?

Please visit their website for stockists worldwide.

This post is dedicated to all the French people I know who have inspired me, and the many Francophiles I know who will happily share macarons with me. Have a great weekend, Blog Reader – I’ll have some photos from Texas up on the blog for you next week xx

Images from here. Many thanks to Anne and Mariah for pointing me in the direction of this amazing photoshoot. Always happy to accept recommendations for ‘Friday Lingerie Lust’!


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    I didn’t know Mariah suggested you have a look at this Chantelle ad too! Great minds…
    The first picture is by far my favorite and I looove the paragraph on French allure.

  2. says

    Oh, I’ve seen this spread too! It did remind me of your Lingerie Lust features.

    Will let you know whenever I stumble upon a Lingerie Lust-worthy article/post/editorial!

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    There is always something to love in your Friday posts… My favourite thing about Chantelle is the meeting of beautiful and function. So much beautiful lingerie is simply beautiful but not particularly useful for anyone an above average bust size. The shaping, uplifting, enveloping and plunging concept is pure brilliance!

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    You’ll be interested to know that a good friend of mine is a salesperson for Chantelle. I am sometimes the lucky beneficiary of “samples”! I love Chantelle’s bras because they are both very pretty and they do the job (and that’s coming from someone who needs the support!).

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    I love chantelle!!! I rescently brought one of their bras from selfridges and it is absolutely gorgeous. They are so timeless, so chic, so unbearably- elegant. I havent yet seen these images of their new collection, but they are just so strikingly gorgeous! Absolutely perfect. Lovely inspiring post! x

    • says

      It was also in Selfridges were I made my purchases, I find their lingerie department there so wonderful to shop in and when I was last there they had a big range of Chantelle…. always nice to hear good feedback from another customer too so thank you for leaving a comment xo

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    I’ll share macarons with you and gladly follow any lingerie recommendations you make! I don’t have any Chantelle but clearly this needs to be remedied. Eagerly awaiting photos from Texas!!

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    Loved this post, as i love all the lingerie lust posts hehe
    “Every woman has the gift of cultivating a natural elegance.”… TOTALLY TRUE!
    The collections is just amazing, black is lways the sexier lingerie #KeepTheTip hehehe

    But I have to say.. when you’re a man and see the first image and say “wow, great shoes!” you know that you’re gay!! hahaha

    My blog is back sweety, take a look ;)
    LOVE YA!

  8. says

    Yes, yes, yes! This is my go-to brand. Sensual and still functional. I highly recommend it.

    PS – Eniko is alway naked/half dressed! She should be a Bond Girl!

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