Fall into Lace

This weekend I wanted to do an outfit update on the gorgeous Zinke jumper that I featured in one of my recent Friday Lingerie Lust posts.  The “All Things Nice” jumper is from Zinke‘s Souvenir collection; a super sexy lace bodysuit with a halter neck tie and deep v neckline that I fell in love with when I saw it.

Zinke’s lovely PR lady helped me to locate a NYC boutique that stocked the jumper and I popped along to Gabriella New York Bridal Salon in Meatpacking – a beautiful space full of gorgeous bridal gowns and accessories (who I hope to return to for a feature on the blog so watch this space!) who found me the jumper in my size.

I’m a very happy customer.  I love the feel of lace on my skin.  I’ve been wondering about the different ways I might wear it – it feels a tragedy to consign this bodysuit to underwear or lounge wear only… Here I was experimenting a bit, I tried it on underneath my suit jacket and actually I love the contrast of the sharp tailored blazer with the delicate lace underneath.

I feel as though I am moving towards acknowledging Fall styles now, and as always, Blog Reader, a return to the chic simplicity of monochrome (my favourite).  However, you can also see I’m back to embracing inner-wear as outer-wear again Blog Reader – I am certain you must have all tried this by now mm hh?

Wearing: Blazer from River Island. (This is such an old jacket but it has stood the test of time. River Island I salute you).  Super lightweight legging jeans from Gap.  (I urge everyone to get to Gap who have a sale – $20 off their 1969 line of skinny jeans which I think have a truly amazing fit.) Lace jumper from Zinke.


I hope you all had a great weekend – I’m heading to Texas on Weds to enter a rodeo and play cowgirl and to explore all Austin has to offer.  I’ll be sure to take some new outfit pics that channel Roberto Cavalli’s SS/11 collection against the new Texan scenery.

Image of Kate Moss as cowgirl, top, from UK Metro and below, Freja Beha as cowgirl from Vogue Nippon July 09.


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      Excellent question! I could say you simply need to wear this with confidence!
      As you can see in the Zinke picture as well as mine, the lace offers some good coverage but not all. I would wear this at a cocktail party or dinner but keep the jacket on as part of the look and to preserve modesty. It’s a fabulous sexy piece because of the lace, but I think you could wear the Zinke “twilight” bralette or something from Maison Close (check out http://www.fairefroufrou.com) underneath it too. American Apparel also do a stretch floral lace bra that I think would work. SOTC xo

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    I’m loving lace right now but I remember a few years back when Prada sent a lot of black lace down the catwalk, I hated it, thought they all looked like Spanish Widow’s but I soon changed my mind!

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    What an absolutely divine piece! I adore how it’s very glamourous and sexy but also classy – thanks in part to how you’ve styled it – I adore the jacket with it. I’d personally wear this with a high waist black midi skirt – sort of ballerina chic? Infact I’m so inspired right now I might have to hunt my own version down! Beautiful post :)


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      I would say it needs a clutch, no?! :-)
      I received two clutches through the post last week, the tribal look one is totally different for me but it got heaps of compliments this evening when I took it to dinner. You’re very talented, Ms Curly! xx

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    Lovely outfit….such a great classic suit w SUCH a sexy twist!
    I am SO excited to meet you this evening….YAY! Looking forward to a fun night of all things fashion. See you at 5pm girl!

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    That lace bodysuit is really something- you certainly do need to wear it with confidence, but if there is anyone who could pull off a look like this, she is you :) I’m not sure confidence would provide quite enough support for me, which is why I tend to stay away from the underwear as outerwear style, but I always find you pull it off with such style and elegance!

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      Always lovely to see you on the blog! How are you? Hope all is well. I agree lace is very feminine and that is one of the reasons I love to wear it. I will attempt to take some Texas outfit posts for you. Thanks so much for stopping by! xx

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      You and that bucking bronco Michelle :) I would say the chance of getting me on the bull is like 25%. Might rise to 50% with alcohol. Watch this space :) Thanks for dropping by the blog! x

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    Why am I not surprised, or amazed at how incredible you look? You always look flawless. I love your choice of wearing it with a suit, the contrast and silhouette of the suit against the delicate beautiful lace just oddly works so so so well. I love how the lace is romantic, but sexy at the same time. Hope you enjoy Texas xx

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      Judging by today’s weather all my outfit posts are going to be shorts and tee shirts because I am melting eek! Thanks so much for visiting again, can’t wait to collaborate with you too, and thank you so much for your patience x


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