Friday Lingerie Lust: Stella McCartney

Back in 2008 Stella McCartney launched her first lingerie collection.  It was received well: a 40s inspired collection with cheeky names such as “Poppy Posing”, “Coco Blushing”, “Sandy Stripping” and “Eve Giggling”.

Now in 2011, Stella has designed a bridal range “Josephine Marrying” (lots of Josephines in the lingerie world it seems – Agent Provocateur used Josephine de la Baume as the face of its Spring Summer 11 collection) for Autumn Winter 11/12 .  McCartney’s “Josephine Marrying” is a delightfully feminine set, all lace and champagne satin…

…and don’t get me started on the packaging – beautiful creamy white boxes with large gold lettering that surely sets your heart a flutter, big day or no.

Overall Stella McCartney’s new lingerie collection is an impressive and diverse range of texture and colour.  Alongside “Josephine Marrying” we have “Lola Spinning” and “Caroline Wriggling” (what with all this posing, giggling, wriggling, spinning, stripping and blushing… Ms McCartney is a woman who has a lot of fun, I sense!)

For me this recent collection is vibrant as well as sensual but I can’t quite bring myself to love it as much as her 2010 collection where strong colours (purples, greens) as well as neutrals/lace featured.  One of my favourite longline bras from 2o10, below:

I am however a huge fan of the red set from 2011, now item #10438 on my wish list*.  To view Stella’s lingerie collections from 2009 to date do take a look at her facebook page. (Here you can also view photos of the launch of her new ‘Print’ fragrances, released this week in the UK – worldwide launch dates to be confirmed:)

All picture Vogue and Stella McCartney.

So – thoughts on Stella McCartney’s 2011 lingerie collection, Blog Reader? Will you be giggling/stripping/blushing/posing/other please write in___________** along with her?

Have a wonderful weekend x

Thank you to my friend Anne of RitournelleBlog and Amanda of Lace and Tea who prompted me to feature this collection as ‘Friday Lingerie Lust’.

*I have separate lists for lingerie and “other”, before you ask.

**please delete as appropriate

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  1. says

    I love this – and having special lingerie for your wedding is a great idea. But I don’t think any of that is in my budget right now. However, there is definitely no wedding on the horizon, so plenty of time to save some money…

  2. says

    I have to gloat just a little bit….I picked up some fabulous Stella McCartney underpinnings at TJ Maxx last weekend!!! I was just tickled with myself. And obviously, I am a huge fan her lingerie line.

  3. says

    I love the red set! Clean but by no means boring.

    I think you’re on to something here. The girl who designs Mint Siren is also called Josephine! Josephines and lingerie – who knew?

  4. says

    Oooh la la. Absolutely love the first set, there’s something about champagne satin – it’s just waiting to be violated!

    …and who can resist boxes, paper, and ribbons?! x

  5. says

    Pretty amazingly beautiful lingerie there lady..LOVE IT! I don’t wear much in the way of lingerie..but I do admire the beauty of it.
    Would love to sneak a peak at your lingerie collection…(not ON you of course) but I bet you have some killer items…I adore your obsession w lingerie.
    Happy weekend.

    • says

      We so need to meet and chat lingerie. I get so much fashion inspiration from you Carly (as you know!) I need to get you inspired to fill your lingerie drawer with new stuff. You’ll laugh I am off to a lingerie trade show tomorrow, CURVE NYC, for ideas for my lingerie lust posts. I’ll be sure to feedback!

  6. says

    I have to say, as much as I love the vibrant colours in the 2010 collection, there is something about the Josephine Marrying sets that is just perfect in its utter simplicity. And that gorgeous packaging had me at hello, let’s be honest :)

  7. says

    So glad you featured lingerie by Stella on your blog! I love what she does for ready to wear and her lingerie collections are gorgeous as well. Adding her pieces to my wishlist too…

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