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Despite not wearing jeans for a couple of months prior to heading back to England, I knew the temperature difference would require several pairs of “pants” (yes those too, English people) in my luggage.  I’ve posted these jeans before but I love them. Luuuurveee them.  Whilst I may dream of J Brand denim, I know that Gap is going to fit me perfectly every time and these Super Flare jeans from their 1969 collection have certainly been a great buy this year.

The sheer top in this outfit post was purchased at the Oxford Circus TopShop store.  I had just one day in London to visit some of my favourite shops and whilst NYC does have a TopShop, I’m more familiar and at home in this one, what can I say… I know the layout like the back of my hand (thank you for not changing things too much in six months, TopShop).  So there I was, am armful of clothing to try on at something like just five minutes after opening time that morning.  I had two main successes – this sheer side tuck blouse was one that had been my wish list for a while, something smart/casual but great for the NY summer.  I get a lot of wear out of this outfit, I just switch the jeans for my Gap cut offs now I’m back in the US and I’m good to go.

You can also purchase the blouse in blue, which I was close to doing, but I thought the cream colour might be more versatile…

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  It was super hot here in Manhattan, so it’s nice to remember the cool breeze of the English summer (and the fun I had!) in these pictures.



  1. says

    You look so carefree and happy in these photos! That TopShop blouse is such a beautiful, versatile piece, and I love that you wore it deliberately so that everyone can see what you have on underneath :) As far as jeans are concerned, I don’t think the brand matters nearly as much as the fit… And this Gap pair fits you like a glove.

    • says

      Excellent point about the fit being more important than the brand. When I try on new jeans I can spend the whole day looking for the perfect pair – when I go to Gap I know my size spot on.

  2. says

    just love love this casual / chic look on you! and love the style, too. Perfect! the blouse is just lovely! would love it in a red or pink as well! pity we do not have Topshop over here yet! ;)

    • says

      yes I did kinda regret not getting the blue as well for the long, humid summer ahead in NY! But there is always online shopping…. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment x

  3. says

    Ah, flared jeans! I used to love flared jeans, and how they covered the majority of my shoes when worn. But now, I’ve turned my attention over to skinnies, and I don’t think I’ll ever wear a pair of flared jeans with as much confidence as I wear a pair of skinnies. Nonetheless, I adore that sheer top, and have been looking for a top like that for so long!

  4. says

    frankly I am afraid that this cut jeans are fashionable again …. They may look good only a very slim girl. And you look simply phenomenal !!:))

  5. CinZilicious says

    I love your jeans, flares are hot!!!!!!!!! Somehow, i always seem to go back to skinny jeans! Maybe its time for changes?

    Ahhh…Topshop. I miss that fashion paradise like mad!!! I used to go to the one in Oxford Circus a lot when i was studying in uni. It’s a great place to go for relaxation or shall i say, retail therapy? lol

    That white blouse looks great on you. In fact, i prefer it over the blue and it’s a good and versatile color for the summer!


  6. says

    this HAS to be my favorite shoot of yours…the countryside…your carefree attitude and this HIPPIE CHIC look that I am not sure I have seen on you before:) Love it!!!
    Those jeans were an amazing purchase…I just got lucky at the GAP too- w those khaki shorts for 9 bucks….slowly becoming a big GAP fan again after a bit of a hiatus.

    …..and yes..that was a bit of tummy showing in that last outfit post…not my usual…but I recently bought a few tummy skimming shirts…and left sort of “fun” and 80′s in them….very trendy but fun for summer, no?

  7. says

    Love the jeans! I have something similar, but I’d really like to try out some Gap jeans at some point for their legendary fit. Gorgeous top too!

  8. says

    “Despite not wearing jeans for a couple of months…” : the beginning of your post threw me in a shock as jeans are one of my wardrobe staples, even in the Manhattan summer heat. Seriously, how could you not wear jeans for more than a week?!
    Lovely pictures of you; you seem to be thriving in the countryside… Perhaps your future home when you return to the UK?

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