Blog Break. London (Down) Time.

StyleOnTheCouch is taking a break for a week.  I’m attending the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince (not really) I’m heading back to England this weekend to spend some time at my home town as well as catching up with friends and family in London and beyond.  There is an English country wedding in the plans (not La Moss but someone equally as fashionable in my mind) and I am hoping (praying?) for lots of sun and strawberries and cream for the Wimbledon finals please.  Oh and after five months I am finally getting a hair cut, having told my London hairdresser that I am flying in specially (a-hem).  No pressure there then Patrick Ludde.

Things I am looking forward to: the pub; the English countryside; old friends and family; people speaking at lower volume; not hearing the word “awesome” or “have a nice day” for a while; The Guardian style pages and Selfridges department store.

Things I am going to miss: the weather; the taxis in abundance; unlimited mimosa brunches; new friends; my cycle rides around Manhattan; the energy of the people here; the amazing skyline…

See you after the 10th, Blog Reader!  Tweeting will be running according to normal service, so head over to Twitter if you’re having withdrawal symptoms from me :-)

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  1. says

    I hope you have a lovely time in London definitely visit Selfridges and perhaps hire one of the Boris Bikes to cycle around?

  2. CinZilicious says

    oh boy, it’s always nice to take a break and go back home=D especially London! I miss it dearly too!! or maybe i miss the uni life i had there? lol

    Anyway, hope u have a fab time and enjoy your break!!!

    We’ll be waiting for your return ;0)


  3. says

    Always loved that first photo of Moss. I hope you are enjoying your English adventures, and I look forward to seeing your hair.

    As always looking forward to your next post. x

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