Friday Lingerie Lust: Eres

My first exposure to the Eres brand was their swimwear range.  I just love Twitter, because I recently asked a question about where to buy swimwear and had an influx of amazing suggestions almost immediately, including Eres.

As you can see, Blog Reader, I was rather distracted from the swimwear issue by the lingerie component of their site (knowing me this was bound to happen) and I was absolutely blown away by some of the styles they offer – with an exciting range, too.

Collections within the Eres lingerie umbrella are as follows: Lumiere; Paradis; Tulle; Foucade; Mervielle; Archange; Miracle; Pandora and Melope.  Let the lingerie tour begin…

Lumiere: ultra thin jersey offering support and invisibility: Below, the Hannah bodysuit in debutante shade:

Paradis: A timeless, natural and refined line, pairing the comfort of cotton with the luxurious feel of satin.  Below, the Olympe Aurore bra set:

Tulle is described as a cornerstone in the Eres brand identity – think sheer seductive transparency in neutrals and summery pastels.  Foucade is my favourite.  It is created in two tone floral lace; a very romantic style: Below is a picture of the Frasque Incartade underwired cropped top:

The Merveille collection is comfortable, graphic line of multi-striped jacquard fabric.  Archange combines floral lace tulle and voile for a delicate, feminine look.  Miracle pairs silk satin with a delicate Calais lace trim (this is very pretty).  Pandora offers support and comfort in the form of graphic Leavers lace – below is the Lynn Reese bandeau bra:

Finally, the Melopee collection is another highly feminine looking range of items in subtle tones (beige, rose).  It pairs jacquard fabric with Calais trim for a very versatile and fresh look.

The Eres website is really easy to negotiate and I love the images they use on the site.  I’m going to give you a little peek into their swimwear collection as well, since it’s highly likely I’ll buy a bikini or one piece from them, for the summer:

Above top the Cache Cache Mariniere one piece and above, bottom, the Coco Bandana bikini.  Wondering where you might have seen Eres swimwear before?  Think Bond Girl – what a great advert Halle Berry is for the brand….

LINGERIE LUST UPDATE: Bella Bella Boutique, a luxury designer lingerie site with a large range of collections, is having a sale.  In this sale are two rompers from La Fee Verte (silk chiffon and modal) and the Bordelle Infragante bodysuit, both previously featured as Friday Lust-worthy lingerie.  Check out their sale here.

Happy weekend, Blog Reader!



  1. says

    Love this line! It’s very me! I think both the swimwear and the lingerie are equally beautiful, but some of the bras don’t look like they’d offer much support? They look pretty though! LOVE the pink swimsuit :)

    • says

      Most of the range is underwired, perhaps that doesn’t show so well on the photos I picked – I tend to avoid underwired because I don’t need that much support. Be sure to check out the website and let me know if you buy anything – or have any lingerie lust suggestions from your part of the world!

  2. says

    Never even heard of the brand…but laughing as you are a kid in a candy store when it comes to lingerie…you are officially the MOST obsessed w lingerie person I know….blogosphere and beyond!
    That black little demi bra is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. says

    I’ve only recently started buying high-quality lingerie (although I’m already wondering how I ever went without) and these Friday posts are exactly the beginner’s guide I need. Eres is now officially on my shopping list :)

    • says

      Cee I agree when you start to explore what is around, eek there are just too many temptations! You’ll have to post about your new finds on your blog, I’ll be sure to follow anything lingerie related up, of course! x

  4. says

    Eres is a fabulous brand: feminine, sultry and elegant. It’s another one of those brands I discovered after moving to Paris. Great taste Missy!


  5. everydayglamour says

    That’s it. You are my go-to lingerie expert! You know the market so well! (Kiki this summer, I promise..)

  6. says

    I went past the Erès store in Paris a couple of weeks ago and thought of you! I absolutely love their lingerie and swimwear. If I had the budget, Erès would be my go-to brand.

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