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The Oyster Dress And Me.

Last week I visited the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan.  The queues were long, the display area was packed; but nothing could take away from the spectacle of the clothing – it was a wonderful tribute to McQueen.

I think my favourite dress from his entire collection is the “oyster dress”, here above and below, part of his 2003 ‘Transitions’ collection:

This dress is the perfect example of the art of McQueen: dramatic visual representations and tactile explorations.

“A number of gowns in Alexander McQueen’s “Transitions” collection of spring/summer 2003 appear to be poetic renderings of a disaster at sea. While a similar dress appeared colored like the plumage of a tropical bird, this gown of sand-colored organza recalls the mille-feuille ridging on the surface of a shell. The hem of the skirt, like the wavy lip of a giant mollusk, further emphasizes the seashell quality of the gown. But unlike Aphrodite, who was born in the foam of the sea and borne to shore on a scallop, McQueen’s beauty is a bruised pearl encased in a deconstructing oyster, the tumbled survivor of the violent action of waves”

Source: Alexander McQueen: Dress (2003.462) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I suppose that what interested me most about the exhibition was that McQueen has reached a level of public acceptance in death that I imagine him to have struggled with in life – balancing his creativity with what was expected of him: his collections, his shows set new levels of art and fashion each time.

I’d be really interested to hear what others thought of this exhibition – if you have visited then please leave me a comment.  Or if you have anything to say about McQueen and his work please write a little something below.

So, I took a little McQueen inspiration for my outfit post today and of course I would highly recommend ‘Savage Beauty‘ to you all.

Wearing: Dress from ASOS (old season) – ( just adore the style of this dress!).  Shoes, Sigerson Morrison.  Clutch from Taylor of CurlyInTheCity. Visit her Etsy shop here.  Jacket, Reiss.

If you want to read some good reviews of the exhibition, do have a look at Bloginity and Fashionista as these were my favourites.

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