Friday Lingerie Lust: La Fee Vertefeatured

Friday Lingerie Lust: La Fee Verte

Latest stop in the lingerie tour sees our feet rest for some absinthe at La Fee Verte (The Green Fairy!) a brand geared towards women who desire “sexuality, sophistication and individuality in their clothes”.  They describe themselves as “fashion-forward” and influenced by the growing “innerwear as outerwear” trend.

Mostly what I desire from La Fee Verte is their ready to wear collection.  Along with their intimates range, both stress luxurious fabrics and attention to detail:

I also love the clean and simple chic-ness of their designs.  You can buy La Fee Verte online from Faire Frou Frou and Journelle; for ready to wear (which seemed harder to track down) try Anthropologie and Shopbop or check out La Fee Verte’s Facebook page or Twitter account to enquire about local stockists.

Happy Memorial Day weekend (US), Bank Holiday weekend (UK) and everyone else, just have a fabulous weekend all the same SOTC xx

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