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At the Independent Fashion Blogger‘s Evolving Influence conference during New York Fashion Week, Levi’s sponsorship of the event meant a free pair of Levi’s Curve ID jeans for each and every attendee.  I confess I have never owned a pair of Levi’s before, so I was very happy to head down to the Soho store (536 Broadway) to pick up some of this free denim post-IFB conference fitting.

When I was fitted for the jeans during the conference I was told I was a “bold” curve shape.  Bold curve shapes typically have a waist that is smaller than hip size, so to avoid the bagging of the jeans at the back, the rise of the jeans hugs rather than gapes or pulls.  Other Curve ID shapes are:

* Demi Curve: designed for women whose jeans often fit their waists yet the jeans ultimately don’t flatter – these style has a slightly curved side seam to suit your shape.

* Slight Curve: celebrates straighter, more athletic figures with a straighter side seam that fits without pinching at the waist.

* Supreme Curve: with a high back rise and tilted pockets to compliment curvy figures.

At the Broadway store the assistant took one look at me and told me she thought I had been fitted wrong and that I was in fact a demi-curve shape.  She was right (the quiz on the Levi website also confirmed this) and off I headed to the changing rooms to see if the promise of the jeans matched up with reality.  I actually thought the jeans fit well and made me re-think my current strategy of bulk buying jeggings (don’t cringe!) from ASOS in standard sizing and ignoring the waist/hip/length ratio.  Ultimately I think that Levi’s are trying to do something helpful and clever for women – let’s face it, a size ten can vary vastly in proportion so it’s a worthwhile attempt at going beyond the one size fits all strategy.  I could hardly tell any difference between the different Curve ID styles in the shop though.  Although I didn’t try other styles on, I’d be interested to hear if you wear them and what you think.  Perhaps I’m not quite ready to give up my jeggings just yet ;-)

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