Bordelle Bodywear and Lingerie.

Sometimes I think I would have liked StyleOnTheCouch to be a blog all about lingerie.

It would have needed a different name of course, which with a psychological slant feels quite difficult (‘Thong-Therapy-Blog’ and ‘Passion-For-Psychology’ hmm no, no, not quite right…. Any further ideas write them in below please, I might launch a sub-blog).

I really do have such an affinity towards lingerie *squealswithexcitement* .  I feel that not only is the right underwear important for a fabulous silhouette that can make you feel a million dollars but also that we shouldn’t wait for an occasion to buy some gorgeous lingerie, we should buy it for ourselves and wear it whenever we like, because we should feel special every day.

Recently on StyleOnTheCouch I’ve gushed over the sensuality of La Perla and explored the cheeky delights of Kiki de Montparnasse.  My attention now turns to Bordelle, following a shopping trip to Only Hearts‘ Nolita branch in NYC where I was quite taken with their Infragante cut-out bodysuit; mesh and satin fabric with a peep-hole back:

Several macarons in the Lower East Side later, I went on the Bordelle website and saw they have an excellent sale on of many of their more exquisite items.   A similar bodysuit in lavender that was £140 (about $225) was reduced to half price.

Bordelle are probably most well-known for their cage dresses, structural works of art consisting of elastic banding to ‘cage’ the body whilst leaving revealing slits (image, top).  What I most like about Bordelle is that their range is chic, exciting, sexy and modern.  There is a lean towards bondage/rock and roll but in, I feel, a very design focussed way.  The larger pieces like the cage dresses are like works of art and the opinions I gathered about wearing this brand gave the message that Bordelle was also very comfortable to wear.

My top picks for the sale are the hour-glass dress (was £510, reduced to £255) which I am so close to purchasing and the cross girdle (£189 down to £94).  Many thanks to Twitter friends Faire Frou Frou, Lingerie Addict, Lingerie Goddess and e5thelove for the introduction to their inspirational lingerie blogs/sites and for the Bordelle shopping advice.  You can find Bordelle at these stockists but it is probably best to call ahead and ask what they have in the boutique before you go to try.  Coco de Mer is probably the best place to find this brand in London.  Did you know you also buy from ASOS?

Would you wear Bordelle, Blog Reader?  What do you think?



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    ‘Thong-Therapy-Blog’ i like that name…lol. I kinda like the first one but it kinda seems a bit too “bondage” style…like if should come with a whip and handcuffs or something. love the second one and the last is very Herve Leger and good for any body type..

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    OK so I love your hourglass dress ALMOST purchase…you should go for it! You would look amazing…but where the hell do you wear it? Around the house? A dominatrix party? I wouldn’t know what to do with it once it arrived:) lol.

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    I NEED THAT CAGE DRESS. My body is literally ACHING for it. The very idea of putting absolutely anything other than that on my body is leaving me with saddening, pitiful heartbreak. So tough and feminine! Ooooh I need it!

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      oh you have the bodysuit? I am very jealous! I emailed Bella Bella about their Bordelle stock so I will let you know if I have any success. Do you know Maison Close? I tried some of their collection today, just gorgeous and a very affordable price x

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    Interesting name. Did you know “bordel” (same pronounciation as Bordelle) means brothel in French? It’s also a familiar word we use to describe a mess or a critical situation.
    No such thing for this lingerie brand though. I think it would look perfect in an editorial styled by Carine Roitfeld. But on me? You need a perfect body to handle it, and I’m too lazy to go to the gym ;-)

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      Bordel and brothel? Hmm you might just have put me off wearing it now….. I disagree you need the perfect body. The straps are made of such a fabric that it is very comfortable but kind of cocoons the whole body, you feel very “held in” if that makes sense. So try it. Or get down the gym you lazy woman :-)


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