A Little Brit Feminine.

Miu Miu, Dolce and Gabbana, Mary Katrantzou, Alberta Ferretti…. just some of the designers who featured floral prints in their Spring/Summer 2011 collections.  I’m craving summer right now, the New York winter is bitterly cold and I find myself dreaming of the sun, the beach and garden parties already.  This may be what’s driving me to the madness of standing outside in the garden of my Manhattan apartment in this dress from Mango, which I bought in the ASOS winter sale just before I left London.  When I wear colour I like to wear bold colour like deep reds and bright blues – this dress was described to be a “burnt floral print” and I love the combination of the reds and pinks in the design.  There is a little ruching just at the side of the dress which, along with the skinny belt, gives it great shape.

So, we have here a little bit of summer in the NYC winter.  I also really like these pictures because they show the multitude of mirrors in the garden of the temporary apartment I’m staying in.  The mirrors continue all the way through the house!  I’m renting from an artist who has done great things with a small space.  There is even a little chair and table in the garden which, come summer, looks perfect for drinking (bright ruby) cosmopolitans in the evening sun…

Wearing: Dress from Mango, (bought from ASOS). Shoes, Dorothy Perkins, as before.



  1. says

    Holy moly u r brave! Cute dress! I bought my fav dress at asos online. Those mirrors would freak me out, plus like you need to see your reflection all over the house first thing in the morning…noooo (i’d scare myself)!

  2. says

    a. Your photographer needs a medal. Hope they have a coat on.
    b. You need to get inside and put the kettle on missy!
    c. That dress is wow!!
    d. I cannot wait to wear florals this summer.
    e. Loving the pilates look. You know what I’m talking about. : )

    I’m going to stop saying ‘one of your best posts’ because they’re all fab.

  3. says

    Wow, you really do suffer in the name of fashion! Looks very chilly, but these photos are fabulous so clearly worth the frost bite ;)

    I love all the mirrors in your garden, and I could have sworn that dress was designer. Great find! NHG x

  4. says

    You are going to catch pneumonia!!! But I do like the idea of mirrors in the garden…very interesting. I’d love to see the rest of the space! I have a feeling if I tried that I’d scare myself a million times before I remembered them :)

  5. says

    Sometimes you just have to brave the weather and head out….into the bitter cold with a dress on! I love the crazy looks I get around here when I do it. Gorgeous dress, and I am in love with all the mirrors. So cool (no pun intended!).

  6. CinZilicious says

    You sure are sweet enough to embrace the cold snowy weather for the sake of us fellow bloggers to get a glimpse of ur lovely garden (even tho its a temporary one,lol) and ur lovely dress:D I salute u! hehe

    im craving summer big time too! already thinkin of summery dresses and loose short sleeve shirts ah…………


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