Work wardrobe #1

FashionOnTheCouch has started a new job working with child and adolescent inpatients with emotional difficulties. I love my work, however it raises a new fashion dilemma. The dress code states no skirts about knee length and no cleavage on display (never that much of a problem for me, I must admit). With hemlines high this season what’s a girl to do?

It is at this point, I am rather ashamed to say, I take current inspiration (as opposed to THINspiration, please blog readers) from Victoria Beckham. Love her or hate her, you can’t fault her dress collection with its obvious Givency/Hepburn influence – she’s got the right mix of hemlines and necklines for my work.
Next I need to attend to the shoe/boot/heel situation as I’m now also running around with young people playing games on Monday afternoons. Watch this space for further info.
Wearing: Dress and skinny patent belt, both ASOS. Shoes, as before. Bag, leaving present from work friends (thanks people!)
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